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Get Busy With the Fizzy.

Domestic consumption of sparkling water has more than doubled in the past five years. Based on 2011 consumer report, Americans drank 232 million gallons of sparkling water. A recent report from Technavio predicts that global sparkling water market will post … Continue reading

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Can Politics Be Contagious to Brands?

Politics has always been a controversial business, yet brands are willing to take political stances. Taking into consideration the fact that brands are not politicians and cannot lobby or make an advocacy group, they are mainly executing a political agenda … Continue reading

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Why Are We Wasting So Much Food?

       Consumers are usually getting confused with all the different meanings that are written on food labels, “Best before,” “Sell by,” “Use by,” “Enjoy by,” “Expires on,” “Display until,” etc. Sometimes these labels create so much confusion that … Continue reading

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