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iPad App Goes Too Far?

Time Warner Cable is under attack for their new iPad App that allows users with iPad’s to watch their subscription cable TV anywhere in their home on their iPad.  This new App that Time Warner released on March 15, 2011 … Continue reading

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Porsche Makes a U-Turn: Just Your “Everyday” $80,000 Sports Car!

When you think about the Porsche brand, you generally associate them with characteristics such as class, exclusivity, luxury and performance. Since their establishment in 1931, the company’s marketing campaigns have generally reflected these characteristics, building a narrative dominated by sex appeal and extreme … Continue reading

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Mobile marketing goes local with Groupon Now

Back in January we reported on Groupon’s group buying system (read our original post).  Now, the coupon giant is looking to expand even more.  The company is set to launch its new service, Groupon Now, in less than a month.  … Continue reading

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Birthday Greeting on Facebook from Celebrities by Using Cameo Stars Application

Facebook Join American idol to Build the Brand through Viral Video Sharing. Having a large number of Facebook followers certainly demonstrates the popularity of “ American Idol”, but that is not where the story ends. Beginning Friday, Facebook encourage users … Continue reading

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Savor the Spotlight for now, eBooks. It Might not Last for Long.

Remember the days when we used to visit bookstores, and spent hours browsing its shelves? Some of our pastimes included sitting on a couch while absorbed in our favorite reads. Now imagine getting cozied up with a hard and angular … Continue reading

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Keys to Going Viral

Digital Marketing Guide: How to Make Your Branded Video Go Truly Viral In conversations about marketing strategies using online media, the words “go viral” often come up. For me, they bring to mind campaigns that are memorable and fun to … Continue reading

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Live, love, learn and breathe with Google

Have you watched Google’s Super Bowl Ad? If you missed it out like I did, here is the actual ad on Youtube Google Parisian Love. Basically, this ad tells a story of a Parisian romance happened with the help from … Continue reading

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Video games, the next venue of advertising

In an age of information overload and overexposure, advertisers are constantly trying to find ways to connect and reach out to its target consumers. The accessibility and volume of information available to the general public allow advertisers to flood consumers … Continue reading

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Broadcast Yourself…just make sure you want to

We’ve all seen the power of social media.  Facebook can get you jobs or lose you opportunities.  Blogs can make you famous or infamous.  And with knowledge comes power.  Used in the correct way, the Internet becomes your adoring public, … Continue reading

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Pray for Japan and take a look of the related scare buying

Although we are still in the spring break, I think people have idea what is happening in the world. The biggest thing that every country pays attention to is the earth quake, tsunami, and the most dangerous nuclear plant jeopardy … Continue reading

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