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Bringing Sexy Back with Great Marketing

By Kristy Junio I am a middle-aged woman reliving my boy band crushes from the 90s. But as pathetic as that sounds, there is a marketing lesson in all of this. Justin Timberlake just rose back on top of the music world … Continue reading

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Your Take: Tiger Woods’ latest Nike ad

Whether you’re a golf fan or just a casual observer of news headlines, chances are you’ve heard all about the latest concerning Tiger Woods. No, I don’t mean the news that he’s dating Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn. There’s a new … Continue reading

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Pass the credit card: Couch commerce invades your living room

As I write this post on my laptop computer, a movie is playing in the background (for the record, it’s Good Will Hunting on Netflix). My Blackberry is in my purse but well within reach. My Android phone is on the coffee … Continue reading

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Heat in the Driver’s Seat -Ford Apologizes for Tasteless Ads

Ford made headlines recently, but not in the most positive light.  The car manufacturer received some bad press and criticism for a series of ads that were seen as offensive and violent against women.  The ad campaign was created by J. … Continue reading

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Hold your horse! One of the best-loved games Hasbro’s Monopoly axed a playing piece and I’m just finding out about this now?  Even worse, I found out about it on Facebook – through a Zappos ad?!  This game and I … Continue reading

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Marketing Overload: A Blessing in Disguise?

Have we actually come to the stage in marketing where we’re simply deluged with too many choices, whereby our ability to effectively and adeptly choose which product best fits our needs or preferences is being severely hampered?  Some market analysts … Continue reading

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Digital Media Integration in a Post Print World

So in my last post (That seems like an eternity ago, right?) I discussed how the print media is not dead, how perhaps no other medium is better suited to cross the digital divide then a newspaper, with its ability … Continue reading

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Law Enforcement Agencies Around the World Connect via Twitter – #poltwt!!!

Who would have imagined law enforcement agencies located around the world connecting through social media? Well, that’s what happened this past Friday as 200 law enforcement agencies in 10 countries around the world began tweeting (Ivie, 2013) as part of … Continue reading

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Advertising Reminds You to Keep “Workin’ on My Fitness”

Fergie coined the term “workin’ on my fitness” and that’s exactly what fitness advertising encourages you to do.  A huge question that comes into play though is their methodology. Which is better – advertising your gym or fitness program using … Continue reading

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New Pepsi Packaging: Fizzy or Flat?

What makes a soda brand appealing? Is it only the taste? Logo familiarity? Is design ever a reason you come back for more? PepsiCo is trying to revitalize their brand after losing market share to Coca-Cola recently (USA Today, 2013). … Continue reading

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