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Diet Coke- Stay Extraordinary

Recently, Coca-Cola Israel launched an fully integrated marketing campaign with the help from Gefen Team, Q Digital and HP Indigo for its sub-brand, Diet Coke. The campaign centered around the idea of “millions of one of a kind bottles.” Similar … Continue reading

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Ok, I’m not going to ask anyone to get up out of their seats and go to the window and scream “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any longer”, as Peter Finch’s character Beale … Continue reading

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What happens in a UBER car, stays ina UBER car: creative or bad marketing choice?

Being a college student, especially at a school like USC known for its “party life” during the weekends, many times you may find yourself at the verge of making the decision between going out with your friends and having to … Continue reading

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Nowadays, social media marketing is a dominant strategy for many big brands. Many corporates try to engage with customers by using social media. The share ability, interactivity, and low cost are the benefits of using social media as the main marketing … Continue reading

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Mom, what is that girl doing with her hamburger?

Unsure of what to write about, I asked my thirteen-year-old daughter’s advice for a writing prompt. She suggested I write about how advertising has changed since I was her age and then reminded me of how I’m always complaining about … Continue reading

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Lawd Have Mercy: We Lost Percy

Addition by subtraction. Sounds nice right? The concept that you can actually gain more with having less than you had before. Usually this pertains to companies and employee attrition, turnover and how it coincides with team chemistry. It is especially … Continue reading

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1 out of 3 Americans will have diabetes by 2050! This statistic was what motivated me to do further research into the alarming number. I wanted to find out where it all stemmed from and to learn how I can prevent the epidemic. … Continue reading

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Finally You Put My LOVE on Top!

Emotional branding has been a cornerstone of strategic marketing for over a century. Principal brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Disney have cornered the market for years with heartfelt campaigns designed to warm your heart and open your wallet, and … Continue reading

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“California Soul,” (1967, 1970), Reinterpreted for Dodge Ram

The recent Dodge Ram “California Soul,” advertisement is an excellent example of how glamour can be used to sell even a rough-tough pick-up truck. A woman croons, “Like a sound you hear/That lingers in your ear/But you can’t forget from … Continue reading

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An Audience For Your Product: Fully Customized

I often daydream about strangers (let me explain!).  Simply in my day-to-day during my commute, taking a stroll for a cup of coffee, or merely at my leisure wherever I may be, the curiosity of what contributes to type of … Continue reading

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