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Leave ’em Laughing

Most of us have heard the phrase “Laughter is the best medicine,” and there’s some truth behind the saying … even if a good orthopedic surgeon does come in handy every so often. But humor can also be used to … Continue reading

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Mc Donald’s Launches Apparel Line “The McDelivery Collection”

In celebration of Global Delivery Day on July 26, Mc Donald’s launched a new apparel and goods line called the “McDelivery Collection”. The limited edition collection, which was available via the UberEATS app in select countries – includes long sleeve … Continue reading

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Xennials: The Answer to My Prayers???

At BBQs and family gatherings, in class discussions and conversations with friends or even colleagues at work, I’ve had many conversations about this grey area that some of us feel when it comes to generational labels like Baby Boomer, Gen … Continue reading

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Chatbots and How They’re Working for Businesses

I really received superior service the other day. I was trying to find something online on a website when I was asked if I needed help, I was a little confused because the question came from my Facebook Messenger. I … Continue reading

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Pump up the Volume…

I first got introduced to the world of podcast while commuting from Santa Monica to Orange County, a drive that takes approximately 2 hours during rush hour on a good day.  To kill time and keep my brain from falling … Continue reading

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Fidget spinners? What do you think about today’s latest trend?

Many people with children probably know about this year’s latest trend, fidget spinners. Fidget spinners are toys with two or three blades that are attached to a central core that allows the blades to spin once squeezed (Best, 2017). A … Continue reading

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The Power of ‘Influencer Marketing’

Anyone who has an active Instagram account, can concur the new rage of product mentioning and the power of influencer marketing. In these cases, celebrities or social media influencers post about specific products on their account that is shared with … Continue reading

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Loyalty Programs. Are They ACTUALLY Effective?

The loyalty reward program is EVERYWHERE. From credit cards to restaurant chains, companies left and right have adopted the idea that providing customers with an incentive with every purchase is guaranteed to make a repeat customer. How true is that … Continue reading

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Whitewashing Movies Taking Over at a Theater near You

Let’s face it – the act of “white washing” Hollywood movies isn’t new. It started since the beginning of movies, but recently, movie-goers as well as several actors and actresses are speaking up. The movie industry is receiving back lash … Continue reading

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Account-Based Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

Account-based marketing (ABM) is designed to unify the customer experience at an account level so that all key contacts within a target account have a shared, consistent experience with the brand. Building an integrated marketing strategy using an account-based method … Continue reading

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