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Who is Nextdoor?

A few weeks ago, I received a postcard in the mail asking me to join a new social media site called “NextDoor.” The joining code that you are provided is supposed to link you with a group of people within … Continue reading

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The Era of Social Media Where Ethics are not Allowed

  In the last decade, we have seen technology rapidly evolving, result in the rise of web search engines as Google, Yahoo, and Chrome, as well as social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We have access not only to … Continue reading

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Work email on my phone? No way!

I used to be one of those people who had my work email on my cell phone. I thought I’d be more productive at work if I always had access to my email, heard it ‘ping’ on my phone at … Continue reading

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Marketers to Seamlessly Integrate Ads to Enhance the User Experience

Imagine searching on google for a favorite topic and coming across a page that looks like it may have exactly what you need. You click the link and begin to read only to be completely annoyed at the pop-ad asking … Continue reading

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How Much Hart is Too Much? UGGG!!!!

By Anthony M Bertram  I think its fair to say that Starbucks coffee has been branded from just a commodity to an expensive yet pleasurable coffee experience.   Then we have the brand Adidas who has established positioning off of values and … Continue reading

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The challenging and changing role of identity when marketing to Latinos

There can be a significant clash of identity than when it comes to the distinction of being Latino in the United States. We are torn in between two cultures, trying to find the ground that suits us and our surroundings … Continue reading

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The Vehicles that will save lives and money

By Umaro Djau | USC Graduate Student, Fall 2016 If there is one thing that gets my attention, the idea of saving money is undoubtedly one of them. Lately, I have been entertained with the idea of reducing the cost … Continue reading

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Sound Familiar? Using sounds and music effects in integrated marketing communication.

  Sure, marketers use every tool that they can to entice their consumers to buy their products.  But many times we are so focused on the visual that we forget just how much our ears dictate what we buy from … Continue reading

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Killer Clowns from Eight US States (and Counting)

When you imagine a clown, do you think of a happy memory from childhood, or are you convinced it plans to kill you in your sleep? I’m firmly in the second camp, and as much as I love Halloween, the clown … Continue reading

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Skittles Ain’t Havin’ It!

Leave Skittles alone! What did they ever do to you?! The Twitter-sphere was in an uproar last Monday night when Donald Trump Jr. (the son of Republic nominee, Donald Trump) made a distasteful comment on his Twitter account when comparing Syrian … Continue reading

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