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Taglines (by Erika White)

Taglines: A Sign of the Times or a Pastime? Be brief or be gone. This is something we’ve all probably heard directly or indirectly as we’ve acclimated to various workplaces. Everyone, especially management, is pressed for time. So much so … Continue reading

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Coca Cola – Warm & Fuzzies or Pins & Needles?

Think for a moment of a Coca Cola ad – I doubt there’s a reader out there that can’t do this; snuggling polar bears, soccer goals, popping red bottles, or people uniting are some themes that may come to mind. … Continue reading

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Dispensing Brands One “Coin” at a Time…

Picture this. It’s Valentine’s Day 2014 and you are walking down a street with your sweetie. Suddenly… As part of their ongoing global Open Happiness campaign, Coca~Cola installed a vending machine in Turkey to encourage couples to #shareacoke on one … Continue reading

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LEGO Movie Another Example of the Power of Promotion

When is a movie not a movie? When it’s a commercial conceived, constructed and distributed to sell a product. Case in point, the new LEGO Movie is the latest example of a movie being more than just that. The LEGO … Continue reading

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This month Facebook turned 10 years old (Oremus, 2014). Our daily lives are now filled with retweets, trending topics and likes. I think everyone can acknowledge the ground-shifting, wave-making changes social media has wrought on personal interactions, social connectivity, journalism … Continue reading

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Fast Fashion & Marketing for Longevity

Many fashion magazines are way behind the curve in the new digital era. The development of fast fashion in the global fashion industry has lead to the need for brand expansion in the style print media category. The Internet has … Continue reading

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Wet Seal Lets Teen Borrow Its Social Channel for Weekend

How could a multimillion-dollar fashion brand hand the reigns of its social media channel to a 16-year-old girl? Because it knew she would have a better shot at speaking the site language. Meghan Hughes, aka MissMeghanMakeup, probably did a little … Continue reading

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Big Brother Hits the Mall

Big Brother Hits the Mall I travel a lot and I depend heavily on the GPS on my phone for directions and apps such as Yelp.  Whether I’m walking through a city, driving from the airport to my next meeting … Continue reading

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Disney’s Magic Bands: Brilliant or Marketing Miss?

As a marketer, I’m fascinated by the conversations taking place around big data, analytics, personalized experiences…and privacy. Since I first heard about the Disney Magic Band project, I’ve been anxiously watching from afar. This is an initiative that is so … Continue reading

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