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You Talkin’ to Me? Wait, Really?

That moment of confusion has happened to some of us. A moment where an advertising campaign goes wrong in so many ways when you realize, ‘Wait, you were trying to talk to me. Dear God.’ Whether it was Live for Now (Pepsi) or White … Continue reading

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“Let’s talk”- Brands

It is no surprise that brands are integrating more social and political themes into their campaign narratives to boost their social responsibility, as millennial audiences lean towards brands associated with causes (Ames, 2015). However, it should not be taken as … Continue reading

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YouTube & Videos for Social Good

Last week, YouTube announced its plan to expand its Creators for Change program, an initiative that appoints socially-conscious YouTube influencers as program Ambassadors to combat hate speech, xenophobia, and extremism (Weiss 2017). This program started from last September with 11 … Continue reading

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Where is your privacy?

The development of social networking platforms not only provides connections and information sharing among users but also redefined the concept of privacy. The concept of privacy is increasingly less associated with the quantity of information released, but more intently related … Continue reading

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Social Messaging Leading the Way

Social media has become a major marketing tool over the last decade. However, one strange phenomenon has been noticed that there seems to be more efforts being put on social networks than social networking (Rohampton, 2017). This issue has been … Continue reading

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Unbranded Ads… Will This Become a ‘Thing’?

McDonalds broke one of the golden rules of marketing when it launched its newest ad last week… They never mentioned their brand. The new campaign features actress Mindy Kaling talking about, “That place where coke tastes so good,” yet it … Continue reading

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Live Video: Customer Engagement in Real Time!

Live video is being adopted as an effective marketing way by many brands including AT&T, McDonald’s, Maybelline and Airbnb (Dietrich & Weller, 2017). Live videos of McDonald’s and Maybelline were linked directly to specific products that brands are aimed at … Continue reading

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You Must Have a Social Media Presence! But Like What?

              At first, social media, like Facebook, was designed to post personal thoughts and keep personal connections. However, where there are people, there are markets. Exposing private life to the public draws attentions, not … Continue reading

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