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Can technology outsmart bad drivers?

Although I’m a huge advocate of using technology to make our lives simpler, I have to admit the thought of riding in the back seat of a driverless car sends chills down my spine. Unless the car is on a track … Continue reading

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How Times Have Changed With the New Face for CoverGirl

I recently stumbled upon an article on Facebook about CoverGirl announcing its first ever male face for their cosmetics products. With that said, modeling contracts have long been for celebrities and top supermodels, however CoverGirl announced its first non-celebrity cover … Continue reading

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Marketing “brand value” with integrated communication strategies: It is more than just a product.

It has already become a norm for companies to combine different marketing communication strategies to help reinforce each other. This tactic of having a wide-ranging plan recognizes the importance of the different communication disciplines such as public relations, sales promotion, … Continue reading

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Lane Bryant is Shaking Up the Fashion Industry in a BIG Way and Here’s How

If you’re a regular consumer of social and digital media, you may have noticed that body type diversity in fashion has been gaining traction. We are in an unprecedented era of change, and embracing this body-positive outlook has definitely been a … Continue reading

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Top 5 inventions coming soon

I am preparing for a Digital Marketing Summit in November. In reviewing the agency material, I came across an interesting YouTube video, Top 5 Future Technology Inventions: 2019 – 2050, that is relevant for today’s organizations tomorrow. This video showcases … Continue reading

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The NFL’s “A Crucial Catch” Campaign: Genuine Charity or Underhanded Marketing?

In recent years, the National Football League (NFL) has observed each October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For viewers tuning into NFL games in October, they have likely seen pink football equipment such as caps, gloves and wristbands worn … Continue reading

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A Game Company Would Say, “It’s All About Brand Experience”

I have a friend who regularly plays a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (a.k.a CS: GO), a classic shooter-video game with a giant international gamer society. During our recent outing, she brought up the topic of how unethical CS: GO was for … Continue reading

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Captivating on Mobile: Considerations for Brands

As consumers spend an ever increasing amount of time on mobile, so it is becoming all the more important for brands to optimize their campaigns on the medium. In this pursuit, there are several considerations for brands seeking to captivate consumers … Continue reading

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Craft beer: Is this market “saturated”?

It’s Fall, so naturally, I think about football…and beer. I load myself up in my Uggs and flannel shirt and head on down to my local grocery store to stock up before the big tailgate party. But wait! Where did … Continue reading

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Whose Trendy?

Hello Trojans, I have learned many lessons critical to marketing success while in the MCM program. The research I have done in this program has proven organizations who either create or are closely connected to the latest trends tend to … Continue reading

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