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Oscar-Night, Also JCPenney-Night

During the Oscar-night, we saw JCPenney’s new brand logo appear throughout Academy Awards programming in 30-second commercials highlighting key brands  Liz Claiborne, MNG by Mango, People StyleWatch and Cindy Crawfored Style.  LCPenney worked with AOR Saatchi & Saatchi on its spring … Continue reading

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Building Brand Loyalty-Starts from Pronouncing the Brand Name Right

Italian Baby Product Brand Chicco’s Campaign Strategy How to enter foreign market? An Italian maker of baby products decides to start from educating people to pronounce their name right. The brand is Chicco, pronounced “KEE-ko.” Chicco’s products are priced as … Continue reading

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Win-Win Branding at the Oscars: Dresses

nd so every year again, Oscar audiences around the world are eager to catch a glimpse at the latest gowns and frocks, judging and dreaming, and buying into the lifestyle they promise – mostly with their minds, and sometimes also with their money. Continue reading

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Do You Do 2D?

2D codes are popping up all over the place in marketing, entertainment, art and business. While the technology has been widespread in more “tech-nations” like Japan many question whether the use of 2D codes in the US makes sense for … Continue reading

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Will Pepsi’s skinny can connect with customers?

Pepsi, recently unveiled a new design for their Diet Pepsi Cola, which will be made available to customers in March. The new design was presented at New York’s fashion week. Pepsi explains their new design concept as “a slim attractive can” made … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Kinect: Did it “Kinect” to you?

Since the first launch of the Nintendo Wii, the video games industry has continued to investigate and develop the world of motion-sensor games, causing a new era in the world of video game and players.  No longer are games targeted … Continue reading

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Making Vacuuming an Adventure!

For their new Kompressor Elite vacuum cleaner, LG made an ad that takes viewers into a vintage-looking toy world, with a story line seemingly inspired by the most recent addition to the Toy Story movies, Toy Story 3. While vacuum … Continue reading

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Tweet, Twit, Twat-Socialnomics

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the scores of other sites that allow marketers to take to the social media airways are powerful tools when used in the right way. But there are boundaries and if marketers overstep those boundaries it can … Continue reading

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Chocolate war — Hershey’s Kisses’ marketing strategy

Today is the one of busiest days for chocolate stores. Not only did well-known chocolate brands throw tons of money on advertising their products, but also local chocolate stores joined the annual chocolate war by advertising through radio stations and … Continue reading

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Disney Marketing in Maternity Wards

Disney recently started an ambitious program, Disney Baby, that will put company representatives in 580 maternity wards across the country peddling Disney baby products to mothers who just gave birth. It doesn’t surprise me that Disney is extending its brand … Continue reading

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