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Lost in Las Vegas

Four months ago I was promoted from marketing coordinator to marketing manager at the credit union where I work. I recently made my very first hire. Her name is Nicole, and her first day is tomorrow. I feel like I … Continue reading

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Hey, Alexa: Is it time for Voice Marketing?

It was not long ago many of us sport fanatics (or snacks fanatics, let’s be real) got together in the name of Super Bowl LII. As 103.4 millions of people gathered to watch the classic underdog story play out, defeating … Continue reading

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One Way Ticket to… Wakanda?!

Airports are taking advantage of the huge success of Black Panther, which is expected to surpass the 500 million dollar mark just nine days after its release (Tartaglione, 2018). Wakanda is the setting of Black Panther, the fictional African utopia … Continue reading

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Wearable Technologies: Fashion Transformation

In the recent years with the advancements in IoT, there has been an explosion of devices that are not only an accessory or gadget but an extension of our everyday life. From wristbands, keyring, fitness trackers and watches to jewelry, … Continue reading

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Billboard advertisements: A dying breed?

Picture this: You’re in the middle of an exciting yet long road trip to Las Vegas. Your phone dies and conveniently, your charger isn’t working. You know it’s a straight shot so you’re not concerned about GPS. You’re good on … Continue reading

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From the Women’s March to #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns, will their social media dominance really affect change?

For centuries women, have been fighting to be treated equally and yet, in 2018, the war hasn’t been won. In elementary and high school I was deprived of any knowledge of the Woman Suffrage Movement which began in 1848 (Women’s … Continue reading

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I’ve Got a Bone to Pick: What Are We Doing And Where Are We Headed?

The other day, I was mindlessly going about my business when I received a Facebook notification on my phone. Someone I’ve never even spoken to in high school had commented on a post I shared prior. This struck a nerve. … Continue reading

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Gold Medal Musings

Gold Medal Musings I’m a huge fan of the Olympics and have been squeezing in nightly fixes between Commercial Kings episodes and coding analysis this month.  I love the talent and the passion; the dark horse victories and the photo … Continue reading

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Ever heard of Rule 40?

We’re almost two weeks into the 2018 Winter Olympics. Being held in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the 2018 Winter Olympics kicked off with an opening ceremony on February 9th and the games will go on until February 25th. Throughout this period, … Continue reading

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Taking controversial marketing positions

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My “Buy the Way” topic is Gerber’s brave choice for it’s 2018 Gerber SpokesBaby, where they chose an adorable 18-month year baby boy, Lucas, which ostensibly anoints, Lucas as the cutest baby in the land. Nothing Earth shattering about that, … Continue reading

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