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Walmart, Deliv and August Home: The Golden Age of Innovation in Silicon Valley

Retail giant Walmart (WMT) announced a tertiary partnership with same day delivery leader Deliv and security innovators August Home to create an efficient household of the future. A safe, clean, and well-stocked home so customers have the freedom to do … Continue reading

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To Offend or Embrace?

The social climate of 2016 was a volcano slowing bubbling beneath the surface and now we are seeing its eruptions.  Where does that leave advertisers?  Do they offend some customers while embracing others, or do they continue to market smiling … Continue reading

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The benefits of Eclipse Day

Unless you live under a rock, I’m sure everyone heard about the solar eclipse that occurred yesterday, but how many of you noticed the “eclipse deals”. My coworker placed an UberEats order for a dozen of Krispy Kreme’s Eclipse donuts, a … Continue reading

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Is the Mayweather McGregor Fight, at its core, nothing more than black vs. white?

In the words of the late great Ned Stark, “Winter is Coming”.  Saturday, August 26th brings the possibility of delivering a spectacle in the fighting world not often seen.  Two controversial figures, neither of which has any intention of losing … Continue reading

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Get Off My Lawn Ya Crazy Kids!!!

At some point in time, every generation is the thorn in the side of the older stuffier folks who preceded them: the “I had to walk ten miles to school each way with no shoes on, over sidewalks strewn with … Continue reading

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When Advertisers Influence Coverage

We all read about it on one platform or another. We’ve witnessed it during the course of the current Administration and with celebrity endorsement contracts. I’m talking about advertising and coverage in the media. How ethical is it for a … Continue reading

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Eclipsing the competition through consumer engagement

Integrated marketing is a constant battle for finding ways to connect with audiences and learn how to connect and drive engagement and eventually sales. Connecting with family or emotions is often the touchstone brands use to build an association with … Continue reading

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How you exercise without knowing…

I am sorry to disappoint you if you thought this was going to be a blog about how you are becoming the next cover model for sports illustrated. Because it is not.  It is actually about working in groups! YAY! … Continue reading

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Wendy’s “Mean Girl” of Social Media

Fifteen years ago, nobody could have ever predicted that “Tweeting” would become a verb used by brands and politicians for that matter all over the world. Brands have found ways to create direct conversations with customers around the globe. Twitter … Continue reading

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Marketing to the Connected Consumer

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You can’t get away from the sheer volume of articles on LinkedIn, popular media sites, and even here on ‘Buy the Way’ about how to reach the millennial market; and now a sub-segment called Xennials that claim to own a … Continue reading

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