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The Fastest Growing Sport…. Video Games?!

ESPN’s ESPY Awards, which recognizes the country’s most superior athletes and memorable moments in sports will now recognize “athletes” in competitive video games! ESPY, which stands for “Excellence in Sports Performance” will add the award category for “Best Esports Moment” … Continue reading

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Business to Consumer Ads

You will find a boatload of articles suggesting the death of mass-marketing, and how poor a job it does at reaching end customers. Although it sounds about right, big corporations continue to invest millions on mass-marketing. A better approach is … Continue reading

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I recently went online to start looking for a cool 30th birthday gift for my boyfriend and I noticed that my first search was automatically on Amazon because, as we all know they have everything, and I also see tons … Continue reading

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Do consumers fully understand a firm’s brand values?

By William Hutchinson June 24, 2019 The way your market your company’s brand involves far more than an increase of customers and sales. A company’s marketing strategy is one mechanism to present a positive image of your brand for your … Continue reading

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Consumer Research: Truth or Spin?

If the truth is the absence of a spin, then how can we scan for the presence of one? A spin is when facts are altered, manipulated, or hidden to prove a point or push an agenda. However, facts are … Continue reading

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Why Are Direct-to-Consumer Brands So Damn Successful?

I’ve recently noticed that most of the ads on my social media feeds are for direct-to-consumer brands – whether it be for American Giant hoodies, Rothy’s sustainable shoes, Warby Parker sunglasses, or Away suitcases. So, what is a direct-to-consumer brand? … Continue reading

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Welcome, Global Alliance for Responsible Media

Once a harmless idea of connecting users and content, social media platforms have routinely found themselves in the center of controversy. These controversies have caught the attention of large organizations and marketers as their choices and operations are now impacting … Continue reading

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How Pride Month Became a Retail Marketing Tactic — And Why That’s A Problem.

Earlier this year, my childhood friend came out as bisexual to her friends and family. This was of course a tough revelation not only for her but for her very conservative family as well. Growing up in a catholic household … Continue reading

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How much buying power to children really have? As someone who has studied communication for many years now, it might seem ironic, but I avoid news media outlets and marketing unless I specifically go looking for information to help me … Continue reading

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Marketing Vulnerability

While on travel for work last week, I finally got around to watching Brené Brown’s The Call to Courage on Netflix. While I respect and enjoy her work and the way she influences personal growth among many, I couldn’t help … Continue reading

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