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Millennials: Redefining the Purchasing Habits of Parents

As if Millennials haven’t already kept marketers wheels spinning with their unique purchasing behavior and attitude, this youthful group is now reshaping the marketing strategies of a product category historically targeting past more traditional generations. Baby products. Millennials, defined as … Continue reading

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Persuasion in Advertising – 6 Ways to Hook Your Customer

When I was in undergrad at Purdue, my Com 318 Principles of Persuasion course went in depth with the numerous ways to persuade customers to buy your product in advertising. In the course we studied Robert B. Cialdini’s book Influence: … Continue reading

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Creepy is memorable: How the new Hamburglar stole the Internet

McDonalds is in the midst of refreshing its brand after years of lagging sales and scrutiny over its nutrition and marketing practices to children. Just in time, the company has resurrected the once impish cartoon, the Hamburglar. Not only is … Continue reading

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Knowledgeable consumers…what a concept!

Don’t laugh. I just started watching Mad Men this past week. Now that it’s over, I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I actually learned some things, namely that I really hope my grandfathers weren’t as misogynistic as … Continue reading

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Marketing Feminism

“Fury Road is sure to set the bar high for what can be done with a jolt of estrogen in the testosterone universe of blockbusters” (Howell, 2015) Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Trailer: Last weekend I saw the movie … Continue reading

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Creating synchronized moments by Michelle Gipson

When R&B singer Jill Scott released her first album “Who is Jill Scott”, there was no advertising budget. Instead, marketers were employed to create what is loosely termed as “word of mouth” to contact key influencers throughout the market to … Continue reading

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Catch Us If You Can: Brands Shift Their Marketing Tactics for Gen Z

Just when marketers thought they had a grasp on how Millennials talk, shop, and what their social habits are (Instagram/Snpachat/Periscope), Generation Z has officially arrived (defined as born during the mid to late 1990s-present) and they are making the job … Continue reading

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New Marketing Strategy for an Underdog Industry In many ways, the movie “It Follows” should have failed: It was an indie horror film made by an unknown director, released with a weak advertising budget to only 4 theaters its 1st week by Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s … Continue reading

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Communicating to cancer: The delicacy of marketing to potential patients.

Advertising cancer treatment options is a necessary action as each year globally, about 14 million people learn they have cancer, and 8 million people die from the disease, according to research done by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. … Continue reading

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Google to Bring ‘Ted’ to Life! Well, Almost.

Ted the talking teddy bear won the hearts of many in his 2012 release due to his foul mouth, Bostonian humor, believe that or not. Just when Ted fans thought they struck gold with ‘Ted 2’ set to release late … Continue reading

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