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Blogging: easy money and glamour…or waste of time?

Blogging has undoubtedly taken off over the last few years. It seems like everyone is blogging these days: moms, teenagers, self-proclaimed chefs, fashion lovers and techies to name a few. Successful bloggers in the fashion industry are invited to exclusive … Continue reading

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Does Adam Sandler Really Eat Popeye’s? Do You Care?

Have you ever watched a television show or movie and seen the actors drinking a Coke, working on a MAC, wearing Ray Ban sunglasses or eating pizza right out of a Pizza Hut box? If you haven’t seen these particular … Continue reading

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Capitalizing on Insecurity and Convenience

Southern California has a culture of convenience. That’s not news. From the area that originated McDonalds and was once replete with drive in movie theaters it is not surprising that it would also be the local and proving grounds for … Continue reading

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Click Goodbye to Kodak

One of the earliest birthday gifts I remember getting was a 110mm camera from my 6th grade math teacher in Middle School.

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Create Buzz with Connectors

What creates a “buzz” for a product? How do certain small companies become popular within months after toiling in relative obscurity? What gets millions of people talking and spreading the news about a new fad that is labeled as a … Continue reading

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Got a Problem? There’s a Crowd for That

Written by Megan Samuels Need a centuries old mathematical theorem solved or a consumer-generated commercial for a product? No problem, there’s a crowd for that. What’s Crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing is like outsourcing, but different. Instead of hiring an outside firm to, … Continue reading

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Don’t Hate, Collaborate – Random Collision Theory

It was last week when I walked into my director’s office and noticed something odd: The lady sitting at my director’s desk was not my director! In fact, it was someone from an entirely different department. I work in the … Continue reading

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The “Igniter”

Have you ever driven down Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles? It’s an explosion of outdoor advertisements, all vying for our attention. I am big fan of outdoor; when properly executed, it’s a 24/7 avenue for invasive and creative communication. Colloquially, … Continue reading

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What’s in a 140 Characters?

Twitter has fundamentally changed the manner is which millions of people communicate.  Its impact on society has been profound.  If you are not engaged on Twitter, then you are missing out on this evolution and revolution in media communication. So, … Continue reading

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Is BuzzStream Buzz-Worthy?

I had never before heard of BuzzStream and since I spend a large majority of my time on the computer (and online) I would like to think that it is simply not that big of a name, yet, and not … Continue reading

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