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Marketing Afghanistan

Entering a war zone as a strategic communicator is always tough. Coming in fresh, you quickly see people’s hopes and dreams of fixing the crisis “lay scattered across the desert floor” (Lawrence, T.E.1922). In Kabul, the future of the Afghani … Continue reading

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Changing the World on a Shoestring Budget

Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.  ―Benjamin Franklin Nima’s Story Nima was 5 when she and her 3-year-old sister escaped from a life of horrific abuse at the hands … Continue reading

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Get in the game

As the communications world continue to search for new strategies and tools to eliminate the crisis of engagement companies are having with consumers and employees, the word gamification is increasingly becoming the topic of discussion. Gamification is about taking the … Continue reading

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Social listening: Stalking that can bring you big wins

If stalking brings to mind bad tabloid stories of stargazing cuckoos, take another look at how you can stalk your way to making more money for your product or company and win over consumers with social listening. With the world moving … Continue reading

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And the Oscar nomination goes to…

The 2013 awards show season has been perhaps the most hotly discussed and debated one ever. The biggest buzz: why was Ben Affleck, director of best picture nominee “Argo,” passed over for an Oscar nomination for best director when he … Continue reading

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Who’s Really Getting Scroogled?

Microsoft launched a massive marketing campaign in October around Windows 8, Surface, and the Windows Phone. Since then consumers seem to be saturated with Microsoft advertisement with television, print, transit, billboards, online, and event sponsorships (O’Reilly, 2012). According to Forbes, … Continue reading

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Which comes first? The product or the brand?

We live in a ready-made world. People are pressed for time and look to accomplish tasks without sacrificing too much of their day. Look around and you’ll see ready-made websites, templates for fliers or just about anything else you can … Continue reading

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Pardon me, do you remember Grey Poupon?

When the curtain opened on the 85th Academy Awards, I had already begun drafting a blog post about a new marketing initiative by the Girl Scouts of USA, who this season introduced a “nutritional” cookie featuring NutriFusion vitamin spread. I … Continue reading

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Coca-Cola’s Anti-Obesity Campaign

(*** Please note, I am posting this under Rachael Guia’s login because of problems with my own.***) Coca-Cola recently launched a rather strategic anti-obesity marketing campaign under the guise of a PSA.  This campaign comes at the helm of much backlash … Continue reading

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Wanted: IMC Metrics to Measure Results

Recently, I was in a meeting where we were evaluating the results from our 2012 marketing communications efforts.  Based on our metrics, we met our overall objectives, generating positive results from our media, advertising, external web and other initiatives.  It … Continue reading

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