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Magazine covers turned into Windows 8 start screens!

If you have been watching any form of media in the U.S. lately, you would have most likely seen an ad displaying the Windows 8 live tile start screens. Whether it is a Surface tablet ad (which we watched in … Continue reading

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What IKEA Told Us

With the growth of global consumer market, many companies start expanding their business to foreign countries. When they get into a new market they are not very familiar with, new marketing strategies would be usually created to adapt to local … Continue reading

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Amazon Brand Pages – a hybrid of Facebook and Google?

I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping. Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, On Tuesday, November 20, Amazon launched a “Brand Pages” section to their website as a personalized Amazon Page for brands to promote and sell their goods. … Continue reading

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SimCity Social’s success in political economy

For the past few weeks, I have been following the integrated communication strategy through a Facebook video game called the SimCity Social. The game is the extension of it’s famous original game the SimCity where the player works as the … Continue reading

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5,000,000 views for only $32.99!–Buyral: When you NEED your video to go viral.

“Gungnam Style” “Justin Bieber” “Rebacca Black” “The annoying orange” Similarities? It is highly possible that you are familiar with these names and even watched their videos because their videos went nuts all over the cyberspace. No need to mention what … Continue reading

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Skyfall + Coke Zero = Unlock the 007 in You

After watching those endless episodes of 007, Mission Impossible or the Bourne series, don’t tell me that you’ve never dreamed of being a secret agent yourself. With the release of the newest episode of the 007 series entitled Skyfall in … Continue reading

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A snowman’s secret journey: how John Lewis hopes to melt our hearts in this Christmas

With the coming of Christmas, shopping malls start the war of communication campaign. Tired of mountainous commercials and promotions, John Lewis  draws an extremely different picture of Christmas which creates new understanding on the shopping festival. Recently, John Lewis launched … Continue reading

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All About Election

It’s quite hard to ignore the election today, even if you are just reading a blog post. Earlier today everybody greeted to each other with one simple question “Did you vote?”, even if they were greeting to me, who couldn’t … Continue reading

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Voting = Giving Virginity? Obama’s Controversial Advertisement to Girls

 ‘Your first time shouldn’t be with just anybody. You want to do it with a great guy.’ What came into your mind when you heard the above sentence in an advertisement? Believe or not, this statement comes from an advertisement … Continue reading

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