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Artful Advertising

One of the main themes that I have been trying wrapping my head around during this class is the difference between art and advertising. I’ve finally figured out that although advertising can be artful it is intended to sell a … Continue reading

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Fake Data

Fake Data Before taking 540 I hadn’t analyzed data since junior high school when we did exercises on data collection and surveying our friends as an introduction to statistics. Over the years, I have hired data science companies to run … Continue reading

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Capitol Couture: Living in the world of The Hunger Games

Speaking of film marketing, what do you think of? Posters, billboards, trailers or website? Tim Palen, the Lionsgate’ marketing chief does not thinks in that way. He goes beyond traditional film marketing campaign, bringing the universe to life in an … Continue reading

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The Experience Economy: the Prosperity of Independent Bookstores

Last Sunday, when passing Barnes & Noble in Pasadena, my uncle told me that it seemed the last chain bookstore in Los Angeles. Even though I was aware that the digital onslaught of e-books has put bricks-and-mortar bookstores in an … Continue reading

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