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April Makes Smart Brands Look Foolish

When March expires, we all digest personal and professional messages with a bit of skepticism.  When a friend’s April Fool’s prank goes awry, the embarrassment is usually slight.  But when a major company chooses to put its brand on the … Continue reading

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Diesel’s Hard Choice: Betting on Porn to Beat Stiff Competition. Beta or VHS?  Blu Ray or HD-DVD?   Both crossroads in the entertainment world ultimately decided by the porn industry.  Now, as advertisers struggle to gain attention in the ever-more-fractured … Continue reading

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Finally You Put My LOVE on Top!

Emotional branding has been a cornerstone of strategic marketing for over a century. Principal brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Disney have cornered the market for years with heartfelt campaigns designed to warm your heart and open your wallet, and … Continue reading

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Technology and Gadgets do not = Communication

I admit that I often get sucked into the technophile sphere of influence, enticed by the latest tablet, cellphone, or social network. If you are a communicator, then you should naturally be interested in all of these things because they … Continue reading

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Strategic Communications or just Communications?

The term “Strategic Communication” gets tossed around a lot and most of the time, I see it used by those in our field who want to give the impression that their plan is something larger than just a communications strategy. … Continue reading

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