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This semester, we’ve been learning about the importance of constructing effective communication messages with creative visual appeal and a strong, relevant statement that appeals to the intended audience. When people connect with those messages, they connect with the product and … Continue reading

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New Marketing Strategy for an Underdog Industry In many ways, the movie “It Follows” should have failed: It was an indie horror film made by an unknown director, released with a weak advertising budget to only 4 theaters its 1st week by Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s … Continue reading

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Fast Fashion & Marketing for Longevity

Many fashion magazines are way behind the curve in the new digital era. The development of fast fashion in the global fashion industry has lead to the need for brand expansion in the style print media category. The Internet has … Continue reading

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Tween Market

The labeling of different life cycles, started most notably with the teenager in the 1950’s. During this time period, various products including music, film, etc. where targeted towards the young adult demographic. Rising recently in the 2000’s was a further … Continue reading

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Will Pepsi’s skinny can connect with customers?

Pepsi, recently unveiled a new design for their Diet Pepsi Cola, which will be made available to customers in March. The new design was presented at New York’s fashion week. Pepsi explains their new design concept as “a slim attractive can” made … Continue reading

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