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Airbnb’s Successfully Charming PR Stunt

Creative stunts have been deemed as a high-risk, high-reward feats. Marketing or PR stunts have the potential to make or break a company’s image and reputation. If executed correctly, the stunt could shoot the company’s brand into reshare trending heaven, but … Continue reading

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Diversity is Making a Breakthrough in Advertisement…Finally!

Why has it taken large companies over 30 years to begin to reflect our society’s current state in their advertising campaigns? America is supposedly the melting pot of cultures, yet until the past two years, advertisements have failed to acknowledge how … Continue reading

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  Social media is positioned for the most part to make brands feel as though it’s a free way to communicate with people. And the fact remains that social media is still free to use; however, it’s starting to and … Continue reading

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What is a gimmick?

With global markets being saturated with a variety of different companies producing the same products, companies are finding solutions to make themselves stand out, with extra features, creative marketing strategies, and funky designs.  Are they just gimmicks, or are these … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Kinect: Did it “Kinect” to you?

Since the first launch of the Nintendo Wii, the video games industry has continued to investigate and develop the world of motion-sensor games, causing a new era in the world of video game and players.  No longer are games targeted … Continue reading

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