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7 Seconds of Fame: Using Snapchat Celebrities To Market Your Brand

Looking for some star power that will reach your millennial audience, but can’t afford the likes of Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez? Fret not. Jerome Jarre and Shaun McBride are here to save the day. What? You’ve never heard of … Continue reading

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Emojis…Emojis Everywhere

Emojis. The icons that express when we’re happy… when we’re sad… and when we don’t have time for someone’s…well… Emojis have become so ingrained in everyday conversation. So much so, that sometimes, it’s the only communication… Now I know what … Continue reading

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And here’s the pitch!

There I was, sitting in the barber’s chair getting a haircut the other day, when I overheard a couple of guys raving about some of the new commercials that are running promoting the start of baseball season, especially those highlighting … Continue reading

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Wanted: IMC Metrics to Measure Results

Recently, I was in a meeting where we were evaluating the results from our 2012 marketing communications efforts.  Based on our metrics, we met our overall objectives, generating positive results from our media, advertising, external web and other initiatives.  It … Continue reading

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