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SK II #ChangeDestiny

Since it is towards the end of the semester and we’re all killing our brain cells trying to come up with suitable “big ideas” for our brands, this blog post may shed some light on your projects. At the beginning … Continue reading

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“Taste the Feeling” of Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!!! Although Chinese people use the same calendar as the rest of the world, we still celebrate some traditional holidays according to the lunar calendar. Therefore, the New Year’s day is different from year to year. The … Continue reading

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Your Personal Apology

Will a sincere apology make you feel better when you have to end up a trustful relationship? O.b. tampon is a brand under the parent company of Johnson & Johnson. In 2010, due to a distribution problem, it had to … Continue reading

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Sending the Exclusive Anti-Abuse Message

  We have already initiated a good many discussions regarding various marketing and advertising campaigns from different brands. Another big part of the advertising field, as known as the educational promotion campaigns from the non-profit organization, should also be given … Continue reading

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For consumer brands, April Fool’s Day ain’t no joke.

Each year on April 1, I log into my social media accounts and gaze suspiciously at the updates that appear before me; today was no different. I logged in expecting to see one friend’s yearly “I have two extra tickets to (Detroit … Continue reading

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American Idol’s use of IMC

THIS is American Idol Integrated Marketing Communication.   For this week’s CMGT 541 post, I chose to highlight American Idol’s use of integrated marketing communication to drive viewership and interest, and ensure this American TV staple remains atop network ratings … Continue reading

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