Cloud Technology is a Turning Point for the Education Sector

Cloud technology is a turning point for the education sector. The cloud technology has reduced the cost of a large portion of a university’s IT structure. The decision for USC IT CIO to restructure his IT environment, by being frugal to maintain within the USC budget, and in part to join the future of technology. USC has a history of spending around $50k for IT services, not including the IT environment or IT staff and CIO, which is most likely in the six-figure range. Some of the benefits of cloud technology are cost savings for those involved with the application server or deep in the tech layer, and with constant scaling and un-scaling, USC is most likely paying for technology the IT department is not using. At this time, cloud technology is becoming the creative destruction for on-premise technology. Meanwhile, USC and other Universities are still using legacy systems within their IT environment.

Cloud technology is a turning point for the education sector



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