Effective Emotional Ads?

For the last few years, I have noticed that in the Asian market, more and more emotional ads have been emerging that are truly engaging, memorable, and gives me the feels. Some has outright put me into tears.

Here’s an example from a life insurance company, MetLife:

I can see how you can tie in all those emotions with life insurance. Life insurance can be a very emotional thing.

Here is another example:

Also very touching. Had me to tears. Bernas… what sort of company is that?  Do they sell life insurance too?  Maybe medical insurance? Guess what? They sell rice.  A commercial about rice and I’m balling watching this commercial.

Here’s one last example:

Would you have guessed that TrueMove H is a mobile cellphone company from this commercial?

So the point of all these sad, emotional, inspiring videos.  They are great entertainment and provide a lot of value in terms of social marketing, but do any of these videos make you have any sort of brand perceptions about these companies?  If you could buy Bernas rice, was that commercial effective for you to buy only Bernas rice?  And if TrueMove H was an option as a cell phone carrier here in the United States, would you sign a contract with them?

Were any of these ads effective?

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One Response to Effective Emotional Ads?

  1. Camille says:

    Thanks for posting these commercials, yes they are quite emotional, but as you said, I would not argue that any were particularly effective. I think that, like we said in class, its good to use emotion to help your audience connect with the brand, but if the emotion isn’t relevant to the product, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. I wonder why the creators of these ads thought that they would be effective. Is there audience they might be catering to?