How Much Hart is Too Much? UGGG!!!!

By Anthony M Bertram 

I think its fair to say that Starbucks coffee has been branded from just a commodity to an expensive yet pleasurable coffee experience.   Then we have the brand Adidas who has established positioning off of values and beliefs causing loyal customers. I love both brands so I can never get enough of seeing these brands on billboards and tv commercials. However, when it comes to comedian Kevin Hart, am I drinking the Koolaid, if I agree with him when tells everyone that he is a brand? I mean, he is on the bus stop billboard, in magazines, hosting award shows, in commercials and not to mention in a thousand films per year.


Hart is a comedian, producer, spokesman and actor who has a net worth of $85 million. As of December 2013, Hart has been in over 30 feature films and 20 television shows.  He is all over the place. Television show credits include Barbershop, Death of a Dynasty, Drillbit Taylor, Epic Movie, Extreme Movie and Fool’s Gold. Film credits include Help Me Help You, Judd Apatow, Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire, Let Go and Paper Soldiers amongst others.  Lets not forget about his stand-up comedy tours. Oh, did I mention that he has an endorsement deal from Nike and is the first comedian to have his own sneaker?  Even though there is animosity between comedian Mike Epps and Hart…Epps says that Hart is positioned where he is, due to  “good ol’ marketing.”

Unlike the tasteless marketing campaign from Ford for their Figo hatchback, you won’t find Hart showing women “bound and gagged in a car trunk, as celebrities like Paris Hilton and Silvio Berlusconi sit behind the wheel.”   What you may find is Hart on Instagram with a pair of Nikes’ running on a treadmill or on FaceBook taking a selfie with a Serena Williams during the US Open.  All strategically done as a part of his integrated marketing plan. Hart has the visual component, the tone and voice all working in his favor.  Harts’ brand gets paid attention to, and definitely has a say over the lives that some live.  Maybe its because of the $2 million he receives if he sends a tweet about a new movie coming out. 


Lets think about it for a moment. Hart has found his target market, he a strong message, money, mission and his media presence is undeniable.  I mean this guy is all over the place, film, tv stage and commercials, but how much is overkill when it comes to Hart considering himself a brand and seeing him all over social media?  Is he being overexposed?  Are we seeing too much from the comedic genius? I say who knows and who cares because he is a brand that is very successful and I wish him continued success in the industry.  Oh yeah, did I mention that Hart has started a production company called Hartbeat Productions, he is one of the “100 most influential people in the world on the annual Time 100 list”, and has just partnered with Lionsgate to form the “Laugh Out Loud” video-on-demand service?

Whether someone wants to consider Hart as a brand or not, it’s undeniable that Hart has found a way to stay relevant in the entertainment world.  his is proven by logging onto a social media site on any given day and you will find a post from him.  With that said, maybe Hart isn’t a brand, but instead Hart is more of  a “lifestyle.”  I for one am not tired of seeing him all over the place! 


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7 Responses to How Much Hart is Too Much? UGGG!!!!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi Anthony!
    Great post! I think Kevin Hart is smart to think of himself, or at least is public-facing personality, as a brand, particularly as he is invited to endorse other brands. Not only does he have to consider how his actions and words are perceived by the public, but he also needs to think about what kind of impact his association with other brands can have on his own. While he might come off as a bit self-important by claiming that he is a brand, he has to look at his public persona as a business and make strategic decisions to support it.


  2. Kristina says:

    Wow, Anthony! I had no idea Kevin Hart has been in so much and is presently doing so much. But if he’s doing all of this, this must be from a long time coming for it seems he knows exactly what he is doing. I agree with your take – though Hart is putting himself as a brand with being a public figure, because he is being strategic with everything he is doing, it is much more of a lifestyle. Now, whether this is authentic or not is another matter. However, it may be somewhat of a half-truth situation – reminding me of Stephen Colbert in a way. Hart has built up a well-established foundation and is now on the rise to which, I again agree with you, the audience is smitten with him.

  3. Sasha says:

    Great post! Kevin Hart has definitely made a name for himself in many media aspects – much of it advertising and endorsements. You do bring up a funny point of when does it become “too much Kevin Hart?” I was watching a Comedy Central Roast one time and one of the Roasters made a similar joke about that.

    However, Kevin Hart can laugh all the way to the bank, as he has built himself up as a personable and charismatic comedian and actor. There is a reason that all of these reputable brands come to him for advertisements and commercials, and that is because he has not had trouble with a bad attitude or negative reputation on his work ethic, he has not had trouble with the law, and he continues to make movies and comedian shows that are very popular and successful.

    Great write-up! Very interesting take as Kevin Hart as a brand!

  4. Yarasette says:

    Hi Anthony,

    You made a great point with celebrities as Kevin Hart, who becomes a comedian, actor, a brand, endorser to a business owner. Marketers are willing to do anything to sell a product and they have famous/celebrities as Hart to be the brand’s image or endorser. They get paid pretty well to only wear the brand in public or their social media. Hart took it to the next level and he became a brand.

    Thank you for your insightful post!


  5. Carolyn says:


    Great post, and you’re right about Kevin Hart being a brand and even a lifestyle. I recently read an article about how tirelessly he has worked to make a name for himself and how savvy he is when it comes to marketing himself. And what I liked best about the article was learning about Hart’s “heart.” Hope that doesn’t sound too corny, but he’s a genuinely good guy who believes in working hard and being grateful for what he’s achieved. He’s a great role model and someone who younger people coming up in the industry should pay attention to. Maybe he’ll write a really successful book on the secrets to his success!

  6. Manfred says:

    I totally agree with you, Anthony. Hart even has an app of his emoticons on the apple store!! I mean seriously, who comes up with this stuff.

    I will say this, he is one funny comedian and for whatever reason, America can not get enough of him. Beyond that, his success does not seem to have gone to his head.

    If only we could bottle the Kevin Hart charisma and apply it to the brands that we are working on…

  7. Joe Garcia III says:

    Nicely done Blog regarding ‘How Much Hart is Too Much? UGGG!!!.’ I remember seeing Hart years ago and thinking this guy is funny, but I never really thought he would be as big as he is now. I do believe in the right place at the right time. Hart in the very early days of his career was the type of comedian that was humble and never said no to anything. He knew that if he was going to make it to the big times he had to say yes to everything and keep it real especially when it came to his fans. Hart does see himself as a brand and does give credit to others who have helped him make it to the big times (Geier, 2015).

    Hart is a great promoter and has 18 million twitter followers to help promote his brand as well as other brands who pay him to push their products. Hart believes in embracing his fans and to interact with them on social media. Hart’s ability to utilize social media for his benefit, is what his other fellow comedians who have been around longer, have not quite embraced. Kevin with his following has the ability to be around for a long time, as long as he does not find himself in a situation thank can sink his brand.

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