It’s Jingle Time Once Again

Shiney Hiney Song YouTube – Charmin

Listen. Do you hear that?

My hiney so Charmin shiny.

Yes, it’s the newest product jingle that pops into your head at the most inappropriate times or we sing the catchy chorus while people look at us with a puzzled face. Unless they too, have been consumed by the “earworm.”

Brands are challenged to cut through a lot of clutter these days and to break through, brands want the power of a jingle. According to a recent Forbes article, it’s getting harder and harder to make an impression on a consumers within a 30-second time slot. If your brand has a catchy jingle that sticks, the consumer will share it the for the rest of the day. Thus, delivering far more reach and frequency than the original spot.

Jingles are so powerful people can recall a phone number or slogan, years after the commercial has aired. While talking to a coworker about jingles, he smiled.

“I remember a jingle from my childhood,” he said, then breaking into a jingle about a local heating and air company even recited the phone number.

Some of the most memorable jingles have come from  Kit Kat, Folger’s, and Bandaid. Jingles in advertisements were widely used between 1998 and 2011, but started to fade in use for a couple of reasons. The first reason was due to the rising trend of licensing popular music for ads. And the second reason was the negative stigma associated with them due to many consumers seeing them as “cheesy.”

Where jingles have the most leverage, however, is on radio. An Ad Age article gives story after story on how jingles deliver the brand a personality and a vibe through words and music.

Do I have you interested? Want to make an earworm for a campaign you are working on? Here are some of the key components to making a successful jingle.

  • Research your target audience to determine what will appeal to them
  • Choose the mediums you plan to advertise on (radio, television, Website, social media, and etc.)
  • Determine the topic you want to discuss in the jingle (2-3 main points)
  • From those points start creative writing that involves rhyming with a compelling story
  • Choose music you want to mess with the rhyme to give the product the personality you want to achieve
  • Create your commercial :60 radio spot, :30 television spot or even :10-:15 bookend for radio and television

Hope you find success in your jingle journey, or at least now know “My Hiney so Charmin Shiny.”


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One Response to It’s Jingle Time Once Again

  1. Lauren Beaver says:

    It’s so true that jingles get stuck in your head and can stick with you for years. I still remember jingles from when I was a kid, and occasionally they pop into my head as I’m going about my normal daily routine (and then I desperately wish I could think of any other song than the one stuck in my head). A recent episode of Will & Grace touched on the idea of catchy jingles. Jack and Karen find themselves with the jingle for a business called Trucks for Tykes stuck in their heads and they go to great lengths to try and overcome the catchy tune, including a ridiculous slap fight to try and slap away the song. I’m interested to see if jingles do in fact rise again in marketing–they definitely work to make you remember products.

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