Kellogg’s Tour of US Olympic Champions

Wining an Olympic gold medal is no doubt one of the greatest achievements in a person’s life. Earlier this summer, the US women gymnastic team had won their gold medal in the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Starting in early fall, the group of gymnasts have been touring nationwide in the name of ‘Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions 2012‘.

To most people, two and a half hours long of pure gymnastics aesthetics could be really boring. Kellogg has creatively transformed successful and talented gymnasts into dance stars, showing their skillful gymnastic routines along with fun upbeat music. The show surprised their audiences by introducing their celebrity guest, LMFAO to sing, dance and even do some gymnastic routines (see Youtube).

Judging from a marketing communication’s point of view, the tour is a success in many levels. First of all, since the tour was specifically targeted towards family and young children who aspired to be like Gaby Douglas, the event became a memorable event for families where members can spend quality time together. Moreover, at a national level, Kellogg were able to get more than three months long nationwide advertisement through every commercials of the tour. Lastly, Kellogg were enable to express their national pride, patriotism and support for American heroes. All of these features benefit the brand’s image massively.

There are other reasons why supporting sport is beneficial for Kellogg. Sport has a connotation that is valuable to the brand since sport leads you to think of energy; energy lead you to think of good breakfast; and lastly, good breakfast makes you think of Kellogg.

Sport -> energy -> good breakfast -> Kellogg

The gymnastics team is a great brand ambassador because they represent a group of successful and enthusiastic people that inspired younger generations. Another message that I have got out of communication campaign is the impression that Kellogg wants to be a part of your children’s development to achievements. Kellogg wants to help you get your fresh start of the day as part of an energetic lifestyle.

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2 Responses to Kellogg’s Tour of US Olympic Champions

  1. mtsang says:

    This is the first time I heard about this 40 city National tour! Since i’m not the target audience, it’s probably not that surprising.

    I agree that tour is targeting families, but I think they are also specifically targeting young aspiring gymnasts, as well their moms! I’m not sure if there is a specific term for these moms, but I’ve heard the term ‘Gymnies Moms’ and ‘Sports Moms’ used before. These are the moms that travel with their kid athletes to compete in sporting events across America! I recently learnt that there is a huge Sports Moms community where they share tips, stories and just support one another. The forums can include anything from how to balance their kid’s school schedule with their sports schedule, to what is a good affordable hotel to stay in while their kids compete in the little league in Chicago.

    When you go on the tour’s official website, you can see that other than Kellogs, the event is also sponsored by P&G, Hilton, Gymnastic sportswear etc. I believe that they sponsored this event to target these sports moms who travel a lot for their kids (hilton hotels), buy their household products (P&G), and buy their kid’s gymnastic sportswear etc. I know that Hilton had previously given discounts to ‘baseball moms’ , mom’s whose kids have to travel and stay at hotels to compete for the little league.

    I wonder if these brands had taken advantage of this event they sponsored to create more brand engagement and promotions within the concert arena and online ?

    It’s also interesting to see that Kellogs has chosen their original cereal as the sponsor, instead of their other cereals. Probably because their other cereals are either too sugary (e.g. fruit loops) or catered to older women (Special K)?

  2. Qingwei says:

    Digging into the marketing campaigns launched during the Olympic Games is so interesting and reminded me of other similar cases.
    During the Olympic Games, P&G opened the P&G Family Home in London. Kellogg and P&G share the similarity in their family-friendly images and the sponsorship during and soon after the Olympic Games is a clever move to gain media exposure and reinforce their image and commitment to the society.
    I can’t help thinking of Durex’s campaign during London Olympics. It was such a creative campaign and it successfully created a buzz on social media. Wise marketers can always come up with great ideas correlating their products and service to big events and send their brands under the spotlight.