Live, love, learn and breathe with Google

Have you watched Google’s Super Bowl Ad? If you missed it out like I did, here is the actual ad on Youtube Google Parisian Love. Basically, this ad tells a story of a Parisian romance happened with the help from a series of Google searches.  A young man found his love for life during a study abroad program in Paris. In the entire commercial, there was nothing related to football, no hot girls with gigantic breasts walking around and there were no talking animals. However, such simplicity turned out to be one of my favorites. It reminded me how Google impacts my life on daily bases. As we learnt from Bros. Health (2001), this emotion-based advertising managed to tell the audience a story that can make them smile.

Such an unexpected self-promoting commercial by Google–the search giant/advertising company might seem unnecessary. Google has already reaped billions from online ads with a search market share over 70 percent. In addition, Google the name itself is almost a verb when it comes to search. Especially when this ad had been on YouTube for over three months before it has finally being shared by a wider audience. So why does Google bother?

Google chose to air this ad on the Super Bowl, in my opinion, with a motive of reminding the public about the brand in a positive light. It has not been a good couple of years for Google besides the growing trend financially. With the lawsuit Google was in for offering millions of books free online; the silent game Google chose to play after added feature called “AdSense” advertising criticized by mass as the privacy invasion; not to mention its high-profile threat to stop censoring search results in China. Maybe it is time for Google to have some positive buzz. This TV commercial with no narration received certainly did not disappoint anyone. With largely positive feedback/twits, word of mouth marketing expert David Binkowski twitted that @Google ad was very good. Value proposition was dead on and they told their story extremely well.”

I would like to hear your opinion on this. Do you think it is unnecessary for Google to spend money on the Super Bowl since it has majority market share in search engine? Or do you think Google is making a right move at the right time?

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4 Responses to Live, love, learn and breathe with Google

  1. Cece Sun says:

    I do like this post with this romantic ad.:)
    Here is a link to 52 most interesting print ads that I would like to share with you all.

    This Google ad successfully uses the emotional appeal and leaves deep impression on viewers. Maybe you will smile after watching it. However, I don’t think it has achieved its best result to air this ad during Super Bowl. Even though Super Bowl enjoyed millions of viewers, it attracted all the excited fans in high spirits who could not concentrate and appreciate this quiet ad. I have to admit that it was a good opportinity to achieve mass attention and remind people of Google during Super Bowl, but it is also recommended to put this ad an on-line vedio on different social networking sites. The internet surfers may have more time and a more suitable environment to enjoy this ad and think of Google.

  2. Christine says:

    Personally, I think it was a good decision to air their Parisian Love ad at the Super Bowl, if only in terms of branding. True, they don’t really have to grow their market share and Super Bowl Ads are ridiculously expensive, but: The Super Bowl is one of the few TV or even public events that make families and friends all over come together to share the same experience. More than that, it is one of the few public events that make AMERICANS themselves come together to share an experience. Thus, placing an ad like Parisian Love that pretty much anyone can relate to at the Super Bowl is ideal – the Super Bowl brings people all over America if not the world together, and so does Google. Everyone can relate to the Super Bowl, and everyone can relate to Google because in most cases, Google is pretty much our life now. If we want to know ANYTHING, we go on Google (as the ad has shown). If we want to share documents with others, we use Google Docs. If we want calendars that we can share with anyone, we again go on Google. And so on.

    Thus, placing the Parisian Love ad during the Super Bowl was an incredibly smart move. Like most ads on that day, its purpose isn’t to increase market share, but to be THERE, to remind audiences of one’s brand and the role this brand plays in the audiences’ life. It’s true what CeCe says, the Google Ad was more quiet than other ads on the day and it required more attention, but even that helped to get the message across. Subtly and quietly, Google is always there, on the side but yet an integral part of everyone’s life.

  3. xueruixi says:

    In a lot of situations people choose one company/service/product over the other not necessarily because the one is remarkably better, but more often because they have emotional preference. Google’s Parisian Love ad may not directly increase its search market share, but would definitely increase its brand emotional appealing, which may potentially promote brand awareness and customer loyalty. When Google launch new product, it is thus more likely to get attention and attract customer, because people care about its product.

    Super Bowl is a great platform to show the ads as it reaches a wide audience, even though the ads may not be so eye-catching in the “sports enthusiasts” filled environment, the first step of getting people’s attention is achieved. There must be multiple layers of communication following up. The ad itself will get more attention just because the fact that it was showed during Super Bowl. Think about people’s high expectation to vote for their favorite ads during this event.

    The ad is also smart as it does not directly talk about how good Google is, but tells a touching story using simple plot and concrete details, conveying the idea that Google makes our life easier and limitless, which is an excellent example of the SUCCESS principle.

    I personally think it is a smart campaign strategy.

  4. sherlynk says:

    While I think this advertisement definitely made an effective impression on most viewers by appealing to their emotions, I was most struck by a statement it makes (perhaps even unintentionally) to a very specific demographic that few viewers would think about. Of the 10 searches typed into the Google Search bar, the man clicks on or highlights the answer he seeks from the top most link 7 times. The remaining 3 times, his answer is found in the second search result from the top. For the increasing number of business-owners and entrepreneurs seeking better Google Page Ranking through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tactics such as Google AdWords, this ad made a statement that confirms the effectiveness of investing sponsored links and search engine advertising for their businesses. While this second message might be very subtle, I’m sure it would have provided individuals who had their businesses on their minds that little nudge in Google’s direction.