Target 2014 Holiday Campaign

Every year, companies such as Target, Macy’s, Best Buy and others launched their marketing commercials for the Holiday season.  Target was one of the first shopping retailers to broadcast their 2014 Holiday season commercial a few days ago.

Target, known for its bulls eye logo and dog as its mascot, released something unique this year.  Target’s new holiday commercial features a little girl in a “Marshmallow World.” This world is full of toys, candies and of course marshmallows (Rayburn, 2014). The concept behind this “world” was taken from the scenes of Alice in Wonderland ( Target, 2014). Rather than focusing on the products in previous marketing campaigns, Target created a “feel” of this world not only for children but adults as well. The whole concept of this campaign is to convince the potential and loyal customers and children to visit Target. Target hopes that this commercial would convince children to bug their parents to the point they want to go there and experience “Marshmallow World.” From a recent press release, Target stated that some of its stores would transform into a Winter in Wonderland world (Target, 2014). Again, we are beginning to see some companies implementing more on the “experience” than showcasing popular brands e.g. like the John Lewis’ Christmas advert commercial.


Another way Target is making this marketing campaign more interactive than previous years is through the development of a new Wish List application that targets mostly teens and young children. This Wish List application, similar to a registry, can be downloaded in mobile and tablet devices (Target, 2014). Target hopes that it can be a fun way to involve family members. This is a very cool app that gives children the freedom to pick out the items they want for Christmas and gives family members the opportunity to see what they like. If I was a kid or a teenager, this is a good approach to tell my parents or Santa Claus what I really want. Parents will find this app helpful since it gives them  some savings, 10% off any items on the wish list as well (Rayburn, 2014). Great marketing campaign to start of the 2014 Holiday shopping experience like the John Lewis Christmas Advert commercial we read and saw a few weeks ago.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.32.54 PM


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7 Responses to Target 2014 Holiday Campaign

  1. Maung says:

    Hello Nazly,

    Good observation about the Target commercials. They have certainly caught my eye as a consumer because I did not see the Bull’s eye or Spot prominently featured as part of the new TV campaign. Marshmallow idea sounds quite brilliant now that I have read your post about appealing to the kids to drag their parents in to Target. You also made an astute point about more Ad campaigns focusing on the viewer experience and emotional connection to the brand than the more traditional approach of featuring the products. Some Apple commercials where product is king come to mind. On the other side, there are cereal brands such as Cheerios and Rice Krispies, for example, that do a very good job of playing up the emotional and experiential part of the equation. You pointed out the Winter Wonderland approach Target is taking. That affords families a quick reprieve from exhaustive holiday shopping, not to mention that this makes it fun to shop with the whole family at Target. Thanks for the thought-provoking post Nazly.

    Best regards,


  2. Nazly says:

    Hi Maung,

    Originally, I was going to discuss the Salisbury’s commerical that recreated a moment between British and German forces celebrating Christmas out in the trenches. Someone posted that earlier. Have you seen it? It’s a great commercial. It definitely invoked the spirit the Christmas spirit and the human side of things.
    The more I read and observe commercials now (new habit), it seems that more companies are targeting customers with more of the emotional element rather than showcasing the items they sell. As you mentioned in your post, cereal brands such as Cheerios is a great example of a company that has been successful in telling a narrative storyline and bringing out emotional side of what these brands can do for families.


  3. Melissa Ho says:

    Hi Nazly,

    I love this commercial. I know I’ve never seen it before tonight, but I had definitely heard of the song. The only other place I had ever seen a wish list is Amazon. It is such a great idea. As my friends and I get older, it becomes harder to shop for each other since we can pretty buy whatever we want for ourselves. Having a wish list allows us to put down “nice-to-haves” that we wouldn’t necessarily buy for ourselves, but wouldn’t mind having. It also saves us time in that we don’t have to think about what we want to get each other, thereby cutting down shopping time, and it’s a sure fire way that we’ll get each other something we want. Now that I know it’s available, I will definitely use it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Dinah Chen says:

    Hi Nazly,

    I remember the first moment I saw this Target video, I felt it was targeting at kids only. Of course the video is funny in nature, fits well in the holiday season and I really like the story line, especially when the little girl throws that cotton candy at the green dinosaur. However, I don’t think it will actually drive me, as an adult, to the mall. Also, the tagline at the end of the commercial “expect more, spend less” doesn’t seem to align with the whole video. Sometimes I feel “playing a big picture” or “focusing on the customer experience” as you said in the post, is a risky strategy that you may step away from the real needs of the target audience. But this commercial definitely helps Target differentiate from its competitors in this holiday season, which is, Em…Good.

  5. Chanel says:

    I totally recall seeing this ad on tv and thinking it was really cute. didn’t really make me feel like going to Target but that wish list integration? Kind of genius. And an extra 10% off? Even better. Digital wish lists and mobile apps to write to Santa will make me miss those hand written letter and post mail to the North Pole but I’m all for it!!!!

  6. Kristal Shipp says:

    Hey Nazly,
    I have to agree with Chanel, I’ve seen the commercial several times but had no idea it was supposed to mimic Alice and Wonderland or replicate the “Target experience”. Especially when “my” experience generally consists of running in for a $2 roll of paper towels and walking out $200 later with everything BUT the paper towels. My friends and I think the bullseye is hypnotic but I digress. Marshmallows are nice but they might as well highlight the sale items, we’re coming in either way. 🙂

  7. Graham says:

    Great post – very alice-in-wonderland-esque! I’ll bet kids love it! When I was younger any brand that could allow me to imagine an adventure into a world where I get to hang with ninja turtles, a dragon dude and a robot reptar would fully have my support. The wish list App is a savvy idea too. I wonder if it would be even better if parents could load up the app with funds that the kid could spend in advance so that they have to learn to budget the money in order to get what they want.