Wendy’s “Mean Girl” of Social Media

Fifteen years ago, nobody could have ever predicted that “Tweeting” would become a verb used by brands and politicians for that matter all over the world. Brands have found ways to create direct conversations with customers around the globe. Twitter has also transformed customer service and the expectations of customers (Macmillan, 2016).  There is one “Mean Girl” on Twitter that is flat out “Savage” (Hicks, 2017).  Wendy’s has developed a following not necessarily for their products rather their approach to Twitter. Here are a few great examples:

Wendy’s as a brand has taken pride in its Twitter wars and seems to dominate each exchange. Two twitter users were debating the best “4 for $4” deals when one said Hardee’s was better, Hardee’s chimed in with an “Amen”. Another user then tagged Wendy’s to join the conversation and that’s when it got really beefy!:

As we continue to discuss big ideas and what truly cuts through the noise, Wendy’s has established its brand as one that does not hold back on Social Media. They say what many of us probably would like to say to customers if our organization adopted that type of personality. Social media has been able to bring together people that were once isolated by geography and increase collaboration (Holt, 2016).

When McDonalds announced that they will use real beef in “some” of their burgers, Wendy’s didn’t hesitate to reach out.

Social media overall has revolutionized how brands approach consumers and helps identify what types of the personalities of each brand as they continue to focus on social media and overall engagement.


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3 Responses to Wendy’s “Mean Girl” of Social Media

  1. Diane says:

    Ha! I love this – Wendy’s is so fetch. LOL! All of this has given me a new perspective on social media and how it can be used to create a following for a brand. BTW – I told the interns at the office to all read Jab Jab… (forget how many jabs) Right Hook. I was delighted to see one come to meet with me today with little flags all over the book. The USC ripple effect here in little Carson City. 🙂

  2. Eren Cello says:

    I like personality in a brand. Even if it’s a little edgy. it would be different, though, if this was a brand that sold hearing aids, you know? As a consumer – the more personality a brand shows, the more likely I am to follow and engage with them.

  3. Melissa Park says:

    I definitely think that this is a bold move for a franchise this large. This could have either gone horribly wrong or horribly well. Many consumers like seeing a good change, especially when it’s coming from a sweet red headed girl with pig tales. There is no crazy science behind it, but the reason why this Twitter personality is doing so well, is because it’s simply difference.
    Other franchise focus so much on respecting the consumer, never crossing lines, etc. But with a platform as hip as Twitter, quick witt and a little bit of sass is entertaining.
    How else can you make another fast food chain so relatable and noticeable? Personality.

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