Apple does it again – It’s almost here.

A week before the launch of iPhone5, Apple sends out invites for their September 12 event. Nothing is said about what will happen specifically, but rumor has it that Apple will reveal their new phone on that very special day.
People have been talking about the iPhone5 ever since the iPhone4 was launched, and Apple definitely seems to know how to keep people hanging in. Just give the consumers a slight hint, flirt with them a little – and they will always be intrigued and eager to find out more about what you can offer.
Up until this point nothing official has been said about the new iGadget, but this teaser ad tells it all. As Chip & Dan Heath has mentioned in their book Made to Stick, and this ad fulfills all 6 traits of to be “sticky.” The message is simple and concrete. The twelve on the top represents the launching date, and the five below it resembles the iPhone5. Basically Apple is saying “Come and watch us unveil our new product next week.” The ad was also unexpected and a pleasant surprise to those who were anxiously waiting for the phone. It’s credible, with the Apple logo being on the top right corner of the ad. Lastly, the invite is very artistic and emotional – consumers are about to turn to the page that shares the climax of the story.
Certainly this teaser has been a SUCCESs, and I myself am standing on my toes longing for the day to come.
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  1. jianshan says:

    I just read about Apple announcing pre-orders of iphone 5 exceeded 2 million within the first 24 hours, which has passed the previous one million record held by iphone 4s. So I guess you are absolutely right! Apple did another great job marketing and releasing a new product.