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Creativity or Innovation? Which is More Important

Interestingly enough I attended a workshop this week that focused on leadership skills in which the questions was posed to the class, which is more important to possess as a leader? Should you be creative should you be innovative, and … Continue reading

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I Love Meetings! Said No One Ever! 3 Ways to Make Them Painless

  You’re sitting at your desk plugging away getting your work or homework done, feeling like you need every minute available to be productive then DUN DUN DUN you receive the feared meeting request invite. The temptation of clicking that … Continue reading

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How to turn a campus subculture into billions of sales

Do you know what 11.11 means in China? Ten years ago, November 11 was not a special day in China. But many university male students began to celebrate 11.11 as a special day for singles, simply because “1” was associated … Continue reading

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Commercial songs are not necessary to appear merely in commercials

Have you ever searched a song stuck in your head forever? Commercial song is not a new idea in the advertising field; a nice commercial song can always trigger the interests of the audience. Many people cannot figure out what the song … Continue reading

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Amazon Brand Pages – a hybrid of Facebook and Google?

I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping. Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, On Tuesday, November 20, Amazon launched a “Brand Pages” section to their website as a personalized Amazon Page for brands to promote and sell their goods. … Continue reading

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Benchmarketing Psy’s “Gangnam Style” video to gain wider publicity

Psy – Gangnam Style I’m pretty sure that almost everyone has watched Psy’s Gangnam Style video somewhere on the web (now that we mentioned this in class, I know everyone has watched it unless people weren’t paying attention!). The video … Continue reading

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Apple does it again – It’s almost here.

A week before the launch of iPhone5, Apple sends out invites for their September 12 event. Nothing is said about what will happen specifically, but rumor has it that Apple will reveal their new phone on that very special day. … Continue reading

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