Fed Up

1 out of 3 Americans will have diabetes by 2050! This statistic was what motivated me to do further research into the alarming number. I wanted to find out where it all stemmed from and to learn how I can prevent the epidemic.

Fed Up the documentary was released  by in May 2014 and has made waves with its astonishing claims about the amount of sugar Americans are consuming. According to the documentary, there are “600,000 food items in America and 80% has added sugar,” which means preservatives like sugar and syrup are added for “flavor.” This “flavor” is costing us our health. Sugar, leads to an increase in insulin, which leads to obesity, then diabetes or heart disease.

Research shows that most food items that contain the most sugar are the foods we feed our kids. No major surprise since the sugary drinks appeal to kids. But, according to the documentary Coke Cola is the main sponsor for 80% of elementary and middle school districts in the U.S. Kids today do not stand a chance with the options of food and drinks offered at school.



In 2010, the President Obama signed a law requiring “the USDA to come-up with a national standard for snack food and beverages sold in schools.” The task has not been completed by the USDA.  This does not mean parents, teachers, and anyone that has a younger niece or nephew should not be advocates of eating healthy.



The Fed Up documentary invites you to take a 10 day sugar free challenge. Be among the thousands that are making changes to the way they eat. My husband and I did and have noticed the new found energy we’ve gained. We have also felt more focused and have been able to sleep better. The weight loss has been a plus, the feeling of doing the right thing and caring about our health has over exceed the benefits. I invite you to watch and dare to take the challenge.



Post by: Alison Webster

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2 Responses to ARE YOU FED-UP?

  1. Graham says:

    Interesting movie Alison! I haven’t seen this but I think I’ll check it out. Given the proliferation of soft drink vending in the country (and in schools) I’m not surprised to find the state of our nutritional customs is giving further cause for alarm. 1 in 3 Americans with Diabetes? Wow, that’s a frightening world indeed. I once heard somewhere that Corn consumption is also an issue in the country. Corn is manufactured into the sugary corn syrup that gets added to a lot of the drinks you talked about in your post and it seems to be finding its way into our food. Corn is also regularly fed to livestock that gets turned into the meat we buy at grocery stores so the concern has also been extended to the deli section. I already don’t drink soda but I may give this no-sugar thing a try. Thanks for recommending it!

  2. pchoksi says:

    This is intriguing and new to know. Didn’t know sugar intake has become such a serious issue in the country. Good search and very informative.