Are you ready for 30 Squats challenge?

Do you Squat?

Would you Squat for a free metro ticket?

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics is coming soon and Russian Olympic Committee have started to create a noise by engaging people to fitness. Vystavochnaya station in western Moscow has a ticket vending machine that provides free metro ticket in exchange for 30 squats in two minutes. The machine will be in the Vystavochnaya station through November with the mission to add element of sports in daily life of people.

30 Squats challenge in Moscow.

I love this idea because there is engagement and involvement of the people. The Russian Olympic Committee could have developed ads and prints as well as other marketing elements to spread the message but they have implemented the idea by giving the feel of the message in an entertaining way to the audience. It creates an inspiration to exercise in contrast to receiving information only. The participation of the Olympic players in the activity has also influenced the people to consider the 30 squats challenge.


‘Imagine a person who does 30 squats at least 2-3 times a week for a month? It will definitely add some basic fitness in the person’s daily life. And as said, it takes only 21 days to form a habit. So, we never know if people will continue the habit for long term.’

P.S. USC is hosting 2014 Special Olympics Southern California Summer Games from June 6 to June 8.  Would you participate if they had a machine that would give you a drink as a reward for 10 Jumps in 2 minutes?



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3 Responses to Are you ready for 30 Squats challenge?

  1. allarson says:

    I love this idea. It’s good for the brand, it’s good for the metro, it’s good for the customers (free ticket AND health benefits AND fun!), and it’s excellent PR. This type of “stunt” is becoming more and more common. People will do a LOT of crazy things for something free. For example, the Coca Cola/007 Skyfall collaboration here: (I can’t remember if we watched it in this class or another. It’s absolutely worth the 2 minutes).

    Since the news picked this up, it’s also free earned media, too. If you gather enough footage for an ad spot, then things are definitely paying off.

    Also, the 30 Squats Challenge is excellent because it gives people positive associations with the Metro. “Metro cares about public health” easily translates to “Metro cares about me!”

    Another great example of this kind of brand identity boosting stunt is VW’s “Fun Theory”

    It is very subtly branded like VW’s ads (see font and colors), but it is not overtly selling a product. Just doing “goodvertising.” The end briefly shows its association with the brand, but it is not pitching a product. It is pitching its brand, showing they care and they are fun, creative and worth consumers’ time.

  2. Lilian Mak says:

    Personally I would definitely do squats for a free drink. I always like marketing strategies and involve engagement. They always create buzz on the internet and other social media platforms. I remember I once saw some people running out of their cars on the streets of LA, engaged in a treasure hunt to find signed souvenirs and movie tickets for a certain movie promotion (I forgot the movie name, will update the name as I locate it). Especially with engagement, it is easier to catch media’s attention as well as have people talking about it.

  3. Lara says:

    This is a great marketing activity. I remember going to the Eaton Centre mall in Toronto when I lived there and Trident had a “draw in the sandbox and receive a pack of gum” activity. There was something therapeutic and fun about drawing in the sand with the wooden rake they provided; kind of like the effect chewing gum may have on people. Although Trident didn’t come outright and say that was the reason for the activity; it can be inferred, as is the case with this fitness challenge promoting this sports event. Very clever idea – thanks for sharing.