Athletes used in Marketing campaigns

Football is the most popular sport in America by far and companies across this country are starting to use people’s interest in football to their benefit in their brand campaigns. For example, State Farm is a car insurance company that has had more competition in the past three years then ever before. State Farm needed a campaign that would set themselves apart from their competition and they looked at star football player Aaron Rodgers as their answer. State Farm created a marketing campaign that stemmed around commercials featuring Aaron Rodgers. Aaron is a Super Bowl winning quarterback for the Green Bay Packers and is a fan favorite across the nation.

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The commercials were very unique and relevant to what Aaron Rodgers was doing on the football field. After every touchdown Aaron Rodgers does his distinct touchdown celebration where he grabs around his hips and acts as if he is putting a championship belt on his waist. Because he threw so many touchdowns last year, he has become known for his touchdown celebration and State Farm used it to their advantage. This commercial series was a great campaign for State Farm and brought a lot of much needed attention to the State Farm brand again.

This campaign was over a year ago and now many other companies have taken hed to State Farm’s idea and have featured there own brand campaigns around specific athletes using comedy. What is so interesting about these campaigns with athletes is they are all sticky. The State Farm campaign fits Dan and Chip’s ‘SUCCEs’ principles perfectly. The idea was simple enough that all football fan’s would understand it and find the commercial funny. It was also unexpected and concrete, the idea was original and caught most people by surprise. Since they had Aaron Rodgers actually in the commercial it was definitely credible and it triggered people’s emotions by being funny and making them laugh. Lastly, the commercial series told a story because after the first commercial they created two more that lead into each other creating a story that the audience can understand and appreciate.

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  1. limthong says:

    I agree with your idea of his signature post becoming sticky and the more often the man does his touchdown celebration, the more often audience are reminded of the advertising. This can be very effective for brand awareness. The producers seem to know their target audience very well.