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Digital Media Analytics

Analytics are commonplace for a lot of reasons in the marketing business. They help define who the actual customer is, or who the potential customer might be. They can tell a business owner what is hot and what is not. … Continue reading

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Misophonia and Visual Triggers

Recently, there was a segment on the Today show where Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford ridiculed a rare brain disorder, simply because they did not fully understand it (, 2015). How could they, it is a real troubling disorder … Continue reading

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Five Vacation Destinations Just Added

Whenever people ask me to reveal one thing that’s interesting about me, I always get stuck. I always end up saying something like, “I bet you’d never guess that I love country music.” Sure, people never would have guessed I … Continue reading

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Should Ben & Jerry’s Rename Ice Cream Flavor ‘Hazed & Confused’ ?

Ben & Jerry’s has a history of “interesting” – to say the least – names for flavors in which it has had to express regret for. In 2012, the company issued an apology for “Taste the Lin-Sanity” – a flavor … Continue reading

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Athletes used in Marketing campaigns

Football is the most popular sport in America by far and companies across this country are starting to use people’s interest in football to their benefit in their brand campaigns. For example, State Farm is a car insurance company that … Continue reading

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