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Facebook Goes Full Force with Live Viewing

Much like Periscope and Snapchat, live streaming has become one of the hot trends for social media developers. It is also one of the easiest and most affordable approaches for broadcasting a live event, and reaching a more targeted audience … Continue reading

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Snapchat Introduces: Create Your Own Custom Filters

Filters are one of the more popular features on Snapchat, from face recognition, geo-filters, fast-forward and rewind, the list goes on.  This past week, Snapchat just announced that its users can now create and customize their own filters. In their most … Continue reading

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If you watched that and your eyes are dry, you may have a heart of stone. Personally, I found myself in the fetal position searching for my dog to soothe my broken soul. Budweiser hit us where it hurts with … Continue reading

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I’m so saddened by today’s events. As a runner, I know what type of disorientation the body (and mind) experiences after such a long distance. Then to have your personal victory met with the harrowing echoes of screams and shards … Continue reading

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Advertising Reminds You to Keep “Workin’ on My Fitness”

Fergie coined the term “workin’ on my fitness” and that’s exactly what fitness advertising encourages you to do.  A huge question that comes into play though is their methodology. Which is better – advertising your gym or fitness program using … Continue reading

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Coca-Cola’s Anti-Obesity Campaign

(*** Please note, I am posting this under Rachael Guia’s login because of problems with my own.***) Coca-Cola recently launched a rather strategic anti-obesity marketing campaign under the guise of a PSA.  This campaign comes at the helm of much backlash … Continue reading

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Advertising that Provokes Emotion

I’ve always admired the strength of emotion. It can change your mind, influence your decision, help you interpret something in your life. In the case of advertising, emotion has become a tool that many major consumer brands are turning to … Continue reading

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