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Algorithm for Instagram

Perhaps one of the more popular social media outlets is Instagram. Many people enjoy the simplicity and organic feed Instagram has to offer. Unfortunately just as Facebook, Twitter and Google plus have done, Instagram will also be implementing an algorithm, … Continue reading

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Presidential Candidates Efforts to Create Awareness

I know what your all thinking, “not politics, this has no place in this class” Well hear me out first before you burn me at the stake. It seems all we are hearing about is the 2016 presidential election. From … Continue reading

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The Purpose or the Passion: The Why in Professional Services Marketing

Do people buy what you sell or do they buy why you sell it? When you consider purchasing a new computer what features do you seek? Reliability? Value for the money? Brand storytelling? What about when you seek out professional … Continue reading

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Towards a third space: Seeking to move beyond social media, are integrated marketeers villains or superheroes?

First with MySpace then later with Facebook and the social media storm that followed, I was drawn to this new place, a cross section of synchronous and asynchronous communication. A unique place for social, cultural, and digital interactions that merged … Continue reading

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Beware of Clichés Creeping Into Your Content

Many of us are exposed to clichés used in business conversation on a daily basis.  Some of my favorites can be found in the Forbes article, “89 business clichés that will get any MBA promoted and make them totally useless” … Continue reading

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But how many marketing vehicles should I choose?

I certainly agree with Kitchen and Burgmann’s assertion that integrated marketing communication assists companies in coordinating consistent messages across various channels of communication (2010).  In addition, the authors write that the idea of integration is viewed by most marketing practitioners … Continue reading

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