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McDonalds, Obesity and Corporate Social Responsibility

It will come as no surprise that America is ranked as one of the top countries grappling with obesity, according to data from World Atlas (2016), along with North America being listed as the top continent where the obesity epidemic … Continue reading

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LinkedIn and Millennials

As many of us approach our impending graduation date and the achievement of our Master’s degree, we may be pondering the persistent question: How am I going to find the job of my dreams? Numerous professional fields are becoming oversaturated … Continue reading

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Twitter Failures

In the age of digital media many individuals use social media to convey opinions, share life moments, and revel in shameless self- promotions. These mediums have changed the way we interact with one another, relay emotions, and gather our information … Continue reading

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Black-ish, Urban-ish, Latino-ish…

In ABC’s new comedy “Black-ish” the lead character is an executive at a high-profile advertising agency.  In the pilot episode, he gets word that he is being promoted—he assumes he will be named the new SVP of the agency only to find … Continue reading

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Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola…Again.

Pepsi and Coca-Cola are at it again, and it leaves (pun intended) me wondering if consumers are getting tired of watching these two in the ring.  Grudge Match. Anyone? Didn’t think so). Consumers are more cautious and more concerned with … Continue reading

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Law Enforcement Agencies Around the World Connect via Twitter – #poltwt!!!

Who would have imagined law enforcement agencies located around the world connecting through social media? Well, that’s what happened this past Friday as 200 law enforcement agencies in 10 countries around the world began tweeting (Ivie, 2013) as part of … Continue reading

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Making a Difference: One Petition at a Time

Technology continues to change the way we communicate with others. The Internet enables users to reach beyond individual communities and connect with people around the world. With the development of social media websites, connecting to others on a global level has … Continue reading

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