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Telehealth Communications

Telehealth Communications  In today’s information society, anyone can track their personal health information through technology devices. The trend is catching on in health care with the rise of telemedicine. Many health care practitioners have the ability to conduct consultations with … Continue reading

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Living in America….I Feel Good!!!

  Across America on the 4th of July, we celebrate Independence Day. Many, people sacrificed everything to build the country we call, America. On this day, all Americans should have patrotic pride to be an American and forget about political policies … Continue reading

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LinkedIn Adds Content Marketing (Erica Johnson)

LinkedIn is a popular professional networking website founded in the early 2000’s (LinkedIn about us, 2014).  With over 250 million users around the globe (LinkedIn about us, 2014), organizations and employees alike have flocked to this website.  While I am … Continue reading

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Mobile marketing goes local with Groupon Now

Back in January we reported on Groupon’s group buying system (read our original post).  Now, the coupon giant is looking to expand even more.  The company is set to launch its new service, Groupon Now, in less than a month.  … Continue reading

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Pop-Up Stores Flourishing as New Trend in Consumer Marketing

Come and get it…but hurry.  You’ve only got 96 hours before this limited edition retail experience moves out of town.  Hurry up!  You don’t want to miss out. Pop-up stores—retail outlets that open temporarily and then move on—are sprouting up … Continue reading

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