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Coolhunting on Kickstarter

What is coolhunting? For those of you who are not familiar, coolhunting refers to a breed of marketing, where ‘coolhunters’ make observations and predictions on changes of new or existing cultural trends. The hunt is about finding the source of … Continue reading

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Using Super Bowl Hype Without Spending Millions

              The Verizon banner above, that covered a large portion of Four Embarcadero Center, was taken down on city orders prior to this year’s Super Bowl (Johnson, 2016).  According to San Francisco’s planning code, the … Continue reading

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Reflections on “Helpful Honda Guy” Campaign

I couldn’t recall when and where I saw the first series of the “Helpful Honda Guy” commercial, but it immediately left a positive impression in my mind. “Integration” is the first word that comes up to me when thinking of … Continue reading

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The “Name Names” Phenomenon in Recent Commercials

I watch a lot of TV series online. Correspondingly, I have to watch the commercials from the broadcasters’ sponsors before the episode starts. Then recently, I observed an interesting phenomenon that companies begin to call their rivals’ names directly in … Continue reading

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The Masters of Communications Program at the Annenberg School for Journalism and Communications at the University of Southern California focuses on teaching its students how organizations and people communicate. Language is the basis of communications and language is consistently evolving. … Continue reading

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TV commercials, digital billboards, static billboards, radio advertisements, print ads.  Every day we are bombarded with advertisements trying to get us to buy it, try it, get it, or use it.  Whatever it is!  The first advertisement was most likely … Continue reading

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