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Get Off My Lawn Ya Crazy Kids!!!

At some point in time, every generation is the thorn in the side of the older stuffier folks who preceded them: the “I had to walk ten miles to school each way with no shoes on, over sidewalks strewn with … Continue reading

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Xennials: The Answer to My Prayers???

At BBQs and family gatherings, in class discussions and conversations with friends or even colleagues at work, I’ve had many conversations about this grey area that some of us feel when it comes to generational labels like Baby Boomer, Gen … Continue reading

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Changing the Perception of For-Profit Education Through Powerful Advertising

The Power of Emotion About a month ago, The University of Phoenix released a powerful commercial promoting women in IT that encouraged women to “Rise” and consider enrolling in their bachelor’s of information technology program (University of Phoenix, 2017).  The … Continue reading

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