Disney is ALL IN!

Technology has shifted how society watches television. Streaming capabilities have given consumers reason to get rid of any sort of cable they have ever had. Watching TV on the go, is the direction our world is heading. All of the heavy hitters are now coming out with their own streaming outlets. Netflix and Hulu have been established, but Disney is now all in with stream

qualities on all devices.

Disney is already one of the most powerful, profitable media companies in the world. However, they are willing to spend billions of dollars on creating this new media outlet. CEO Bob Iger believes it is the way the world is heading. There is no other option, there is no reason to sit back and relax. It is necessary to jump on it, so they are not forgotten. Disney+ will give its consumers access to all of old school and new school princess movies. There is an endless amount of media that this new platform gives access too.

The way the world is progressing there is no other option than to take a loss. Disney believes that this is one of the better moves they have made for their company. In years to come who knows if people will have the cassettes and DVDs that keep their legacy living. This platform gives Disney the opportunity to not only flourish but also grow.

They have used their legacy to continue desire by releasing old school videos that may have not been seen. But what I believe they have done with releasing this new platform is gain another audience. The audience that is going to become the audience for years to come. It is something to stick with the old and be stubborn. But Disney made it clear they were all in with this new wave. They did not want to be in the passenger seat when everyone is already on board.

There is much to learn from this article. I think this is a testament to the direction of media. And how consumers are consuming the media that Disney+ is attracting. But the question is how they stay ahead of the curve. They have been successful in previous years, so why change and gamble now. In addition, can they keep up with content competition between its competitors?



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  1. simonemody says:

    Hi Karis,

    I think the streaming wars is a really interesting and a rather hot topic at the moment. I agree with you it definitely is a bold and strategic move to jump on the streaming bandwagon as that seems to be the manner in which the TV and entertainment industry is heading. Disney, in my opinion definitely has the capability to come out on the top especially since the Disney portfolio expanded since 2018 to include Fox and its entities including Netflix’s already formidable rival, Hulu. So with the Disney+ bundle of Disney, Hulu and Espn for only 12.99/month. I can definitely see people not only cutting the cord but also cutting their subscription to other streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime as the bundle offers great content for almost every target audience. In the long run, I do see Disney at the end of this coming out on top even above the industries first-mover Netflix. However, there’s a lot of uncertainty and you never know how things change.

    Thanks for sharing such a thought-provoking article!

  2. yed1 says:

    Hi, I really like your insights on the streaming war and the future of Disney+. I. am quite impressed by what Disney has come up with its streaming service. The legacies Disney has, from Mickey Mouse to Marvel to all the princesses, are so unique and popular even in this day and therefore has ensured its success. I also find it quite interesting that Disney+ experienced glitch on the very first day. People are also saying that they did it on purpose to show how popular and competitive they were, a common technique used my marketers to create a buzz.

  3. mcneillj says:

    Hi, thanks for the post! I think the current streaming wars is going to define mass media culture for the future. Not many shows nowadays are watched live, as most millennials do not own traditional cable nor do they own a DVR. With the success of Disney +, I think we are going to see more networks attempt to create a streaming service and fail due to the lack of popular content and prices. I think without content that people are willing to pay for, streaming services will not last. For example, in the next couple of years Netflix will no longer have any Disney, NBC, or HBO related content. Therefore, as we’ve seen in the last couple of years, Netflix is creating more original shows and movies to compete. However, they are doing this by over-paying the top creative minds to create content for their service – but refuse to place ads on the platform. This is a risky move, as one would think that this business plan is not stable in the long run. I am curious to see how Netflix manages to stay afloat without adding ads within the platform or increasing the cost of the service exponentially.

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