Fidget spinners? What do you think about today’s latest trend?

Many people with children probably know about this year’s latest trend, fidget spinners. Fidget spinners are toys with two or three blades that are attached to a central core that allows the blades to spin once squeezed (Best, 2017). A picture of a fidget spinner can be found below for those who don’t know what it is.

There are over 8,000 fidget spinner retailers on Amazon, which explains why fidget spinners are within the top 20 best selling items on Amazon (Best, 2017; Gonzales, n.d.). Some love fidget spinners while others despise this latest toy trend. There has been a lot of controversy around these toys as adults don’t seem to understand why children are so attracted to fidget spinners. There have been arguments that they distract students and hinders their learning as they produce a whizzing sound when they spin while others say that it helps students with special needs focus their attention (Best, 2017).

It seems like these toys became the latest fad overnight as I have seen fidget spinners sold wherever I go, even in places that don’t specialize in children’s toys. For example, I see fidget spinners in office supply stores like Office Depot or grocery stores like Safeway. This might be because fidget spinner retailers are trying to market this product to adults as well as children. Some retailers have been known to market fidget spinners to adults with claims around health benefits of using fidget spinners (i.e. easing stress, PTSD, or anxiety to name a few).

In actuality, the benefits of fidget spinners are still unclear because of the sudden popularity, so there aren’t any scientific studies that back up any specific health claims (Lee, 2017). One thing is certain, toy fads are present in every generation, which lead to childhood memories that adults reminisce on later in life. How long fidget spinners will last remains to be unseen, but everyone knows how long last summer’s Pokemon Go fad lasted.


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5 Responses to Fidget spinners? What do you think about today’s latest trend?

  1. Karla says:

    I just saw a fidget spinner and it was advertised as a stress reliever gadget at Walgreens. It’s so interesting to see how these little guys have taken over. I have to admit I have one. My kid ended up leaving one in my purse and I took it out and have been using it ever since. When I’m at work and I find it helpful. I use it when I’m on conference calls and in meetings and on Live Sessions. It’s helpful. I do stay focused on what is being said in the meeting.
    What I find most interesting is how it began as a fad for children, doing certain types of tricks etc, but now it’s also being sold to adults to help relieve stress. I find that so interesting and it’s working because I have one! I don’t think this fad will last but for now I’m enjoying using mine.

    • Antoinette says:

      Hi Karla,

      Thanks for the feedback! You’re the first person I know who uses a fidget spinner. 🙂 I honestly expected my nephews to play with them, but I didn’t see a single fidget spinner nor a request to buy one when I babysat them last weekend.

      It’s great to hear that using the fidget spinner has been helpful and that you enjoy using it!

  2. Dena Lawless says:

    I admit I cannot stand this trend – it’s just a toy marketed well and people are buying into it. My daughter got one from The Tech Museum and she used it once or twice. I don’t see the purpose of it nor how it would have any kind of health benefit. It sits on your hand and spins. Hmmm. It reminds me of the billion dollar Shopkins trend. All you have to do is spend enough to convince someone to spend $5 or $20 often and you have a billion dollar market.

  3. Victoria Calderon says:

    Very bold post Antoinette! I echo your observation that Fidget Spinners have became an overnight sensation. They have even made their way to Party City, my local hardware store and even TJ Maxx! This may be a case of a marketing fail. Retailers and companies trying to monetize on a fad to attract the product’s core demographic. No one knows how they work or why they should buy it, yet retailers are stocked up as if there is high demand. In May 2017, Fidget Spinners generated $2.6 million in revenue.

    Who is buying this product?

    Chaker, A. M. (2017, May 03). Fidget Spinners Are Driving Teachers Bananas and…Sorry, I Got Distracted.
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  4. Paula Manuel says:

    I’ve seen them and I just don’t get it? It has definitely become a craze recently and I am happy I do not have a small child now because I would certainly dash his or her hopes on having one, similar to my insistence that my daughter not have Pokemon cards or troll heads. Even kids and their parents who purchase them don’t seem to know what they do, as I have read countless stories of children getting their fingers stuck in them.