The Power of ‘Influencer Marketing’

Anyone who has an active Instagram account, can concur the new rage of product mentioning and the power of influencer marketing. In these cases, celebrities or social media influencers post about specific products on their account that is shared with all their followers. One of the most popular products on the market right now are Fitness Teas and Hair Growth Supplements.

Through these types of marketing portals, the marketing is powered by the person posting the product and the interaction it sparks amongst consumers. Below are some examples of how celebrities endorse products in a subtle yet effective manner. The exposure it has in such instant speed is what makes this type of marketing so remarkable.


















What do you think will be the future of marketing?


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2 Responses to The Power of ‘Influencer Marketing’

  1. Mariam says:

    Hi Araz, interesting and thought provoking post. I think marketing is entering into a new phase with social media popularity and use, where consumers follow other consumers, friends, celebrities, etc. In the near future, marketing will be all about consumer experiences and emotional attachment, rather than about advertising.


  2. Victoria Calderon says:

    Araz, your insight on influencer marketing is very keen, as we are indeed witnessing the genesis of a new form of social media marketing. As an influencer for several different industries, I understand first hand the power of an authentic person chronicling their relationship with new or veteran brands. Social media is a forum to build relationships and stay connected. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook author Vaynerchuk postulates that the key to artful and strategic story telling on social media is through developing authentic and active customer relationships. The best advocates for building those crucial relationships are influencers.

    If feels as though this post only touches the surface of social media influencers. Celebrity endorsements seem a bit different from the new wave of influencers, as a nature of their relationship with the brand is to generate money in exchange for promoting products. Social media influencers in 2017 chronicle their relationship and engage with brands on social media without being paid to do so. They simply love brands that promote a certain lifestyle they are known for and it becomes a mutually beneficial relationship with the brand. It’s possible that the influencer gets discounts or receives exclusive products to test. It is important to note the key difference between getting paid to promote a product, and those that promote brands because they are considered experts in the industry. It feels as though motivation is key in leveraging influencers as a marketing strategy.

    Authentic social media influencers, known for their expertise of industries, and their relationship with brands, such as cosmetic influencers, are the future of social media marketing.

    Vaynerchuk, G. (2013). Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to tell your story in a noisy, social world.