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Monday Jan 21st, 2018 was the day Amazon revolutionized the shopping experience through a Smartphone app by launching Amazon Go in Seattle, Washington. Perhaps the iPhone/ Smartphone or the Self-driving car were bigger game changers that completely and intuitively simplified through innovation. No surprise that the shopping experience was next in line as simplification when applied to time-consuming activities is welcome in the modern lifestyle. Let’s face it most of us do not relish standing in lines and want our shopping experience literally at our fingertips. Partly restaurant and partly a grocery store the store has a variety of fresh and do it yourself options for customers to choose from (Lewis, 2018).

Amazon go App

Instantly elevating the shopping experience through the use of technology Amazon is leaving little room for errors. The row of gates very much reminiscent of subway stations only lets you in if you have the Smartphone app. No shopping carts, no grocery checkout lines. You simply put what you want in the bag and leave. The only sign of technology are the scores of cameras in the ceiling that monitor what goes in and out of the virtual cart (Wingfield, 2018). If you do happen to go make sure you have the Amazon Go app downloaded and don’t forget to grab the reusable bag.


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5 Responses to Hassle free shopping at Amazon go

  1. Brooke says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I’m so excited to experience this first hand, and really believe that it takes self-checkout to a new level. I think this technology can help minimize theft, as well, which can benefit struggling retailers if the technology is opened up to other outlets as well, not just amazon shops.

    • Shabnam Singh says:

      Brooke I am excited to know you were able to experience it. I think it is a great start and undoubtedly there will be some issues that can be resolved by trial and error.

  2. Ani Bedrosian says:

    This is an exciting new experience and I really wonder how it will all play out and if it will pave the way for future shopping and supermarkets. It is quite innovative and Amazon is just the company to do it. I recently took a survey about how long I would stand in a check-out line and I answered relatively low in the poll (my answer was 7 minutes) yet the majority of shoppers said 15 minutes, would they really though? 15 minutes seems awfully long if you are just buying 1 item, its good to know this trend can eliminate the time wasted while we try to get in and out. Great post!

    • Shabnam Singh says:

      Thank you Ani. I am not a big fan of waiting as well and I think that is a reflection of the many demands on our time.

  3. Robyn Wang says:

    I heard about this and its something that I want to experience. It’s almost crazy and scary to think of how far technology has come. Things that we didn’t expect in a million years are materializing. Amazon Go seems to completely take out any interaction that occurs at the grocery store, and isolate individual experiences. People will be grabbing and going. I wonder how long it will take before this becomes the way to shop. I also wonder how this will play out in the near future and how it will affect marketing.

    We shall see!

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