From Natural Disaster Recovery to Supporting Local Small Business: 2018 Super Bowl Ads are here!

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Calling all football fans and marketing creatives alike. As preparations are underway for the big game this Sunday between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, Super Bowl fans everywhere will have plenty to look forward to. The anticipation as to which team walks away as the 2018 Super Bowl Champion is drawing national attention and is expected to draw an estimated 188.5 million viewers according to the annual survey released by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights and Analytics (National Retail Federation, 2018).

Who will it be this year? Will the Patriots pull off a predicted back-to-back championship? Or will the Eagles leverage their status as underdogs to pull off an upset?

Regardless of which team you are cheering for this Super Bowl Sunday, we can rest assured that as viewers are taking in the game, many will also be casting votes as to which brands deliver the most influential and talked about Super Bowl commercial for 2018. According to Dan Lovinger, NBC Sports Group executive VP of ad sales, “NBC is expected to generate over $1 billion in ad sales between the 30-second Super Bowl ads and the upcoming Winter Olympics” (Adweek, 2017).

Which ads deliver the biggest impact will be based on individual viewer preference. Below you will find a sneak peek at the ads to decide for yourself. The first two ads focus on global impact initiatives while the last ad focuses on supporting local small business.

Budweiser “Stand by You”  Budweiser has once again captured both the hearts and minds of consumers with its ad that is focused on the recent natural disasters from Florida’s Hurricane Harvey to southern California’s mudslides. The ad demonstrates how Budweiser has distributed 79 million cans of water to disaster relief in the past three decades (Adweek, 2017). Additionally, all of the people featured in the ad are employees of Budweiser’s Georgia Brewery. #impactful

Stella Artois “Water Changes Lives” #GiveThemTimeBack Beer brand Stella Artois has partnered with actor Matt Damon to support the initiative which has set out to provide 3.5 million people with access to clean water by 2020. Consumers can purchase a limited-edition Stella Artois Chalice, which will provide five years of clean water per person in the developing world (, 2018).

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Groupon “Who Wouldn’t”  Groupon revealed its return to Super Bowl prime time after its first failed attempt in 2011(Matyszczyk, 2018). John Wild, Groupon’s head of marketing for North America states, “We’ve made incredible progress over the past few years on our mission to build the daily habit in local, delivering an amazing customer experience and growing the size and scale of our massive mobile marketplace — making now the right time for us to come back to television’s biggest spectacle” (Matyszczyk, 2018). The ad features the new rising star and comedian Tiffany Haddish as she promotes the use of Groupon and support for small local business.

These are just a few of the many ads that viewers will experience this Super Bowl Sunday.

Which ads will have the greatest impact? Which ads will produce the most dialogue? And the question that will be on many viewer’s minds will Philadelphia pull off an upset or will the Patriots add another Super Bowl title to their collection?


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5 Responses to From Natural Disaster Recovery to Supporting Local Small Business: 2018 Super Bowl Ads are here!

  1. Brooke says:

    I knew this would be important as brands have slowly backed out of uber expensive superbowl ads as the advertising world has changed! I’m excited to see more of this, and wonder if there will be more post-game interaction from it, instead of random ads with little to no call to action in sight. Ultimately, it’s a better use of time, calling for engagement, during the advertising portion for the super bowls, so can be more ffective overall!

    • Janie Honeycutt says:

      Hi Brooke
      Thank you for your comments. I agree with you 100%! It is interesting to hear different peoples perspectives post-Super Bowl on which ads are discussed the most and which seemed to have a lasting impact. I really appreciate those brands that are moving beyond their brand awareness and taking a stand or a “call to action” as you described.


  2. Herbert says:

    Hello Janie,
    Your posting caught my interest. I can’t begin to fathom the idea of not having running clean water. To imagine that millions of people spend up t 6 hours a day collecting water for their loved one, and here we are taking it for granted. The ad brings into perspective the thought of having to choose between having a job and having to to gather water to survive.
    For only $3.13 an individual can help provide 5yrs of clean water for 1 person. Consumers have the option to purchase the Chalice between 1/1/18- 12/18/18 creating plenty of time to help those in need. Customer have the option to buy designer hand crafted designs from Mexico, India, and the Philippines. I feel that this is a great cause to help those less fortunate. It even gives the customer a sense of gradification along with a souvenir to represent their act of support.
    Great post Janie I am going to be ordering my Chalice this week.

  3. Janie Honeycutt says:

    Thank you for your comments, Herbert.
    Yes, it is rather ironic when you think about the costs associated with running these ads during the Super Bowl in addition to development and production costs while there are millions of people around the world who are in need of basic clean running water. This is what compelled me to explore the brands that are using their ad space to raise awareness and champion a much bigger effort beyond brand awareness.
    Like you, I have ordered my Chalice as well and intend to use it on Super Bowl Sunday.

  4. Shabnam Singh says:

    Hello Janie,
    I learnt something from reading your post and the is the power of sharing information that can impact the world in a positive way. Yes, I will buy a Chalice as well. I do not watch the Super Bowl and had heard about the commercials but never watched them. The costs to produce and develop these commercials do sound astronomical. Thank you.


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