Making Vacuuming an Adventure!

For their new Kompressor Elite vacuum cleaner, LG made an ad that takes viewers into a vintage-looking toy world, with a story line seemingly inspired by the most recent addition to the Toy Story movies, Toy Story 3. While vacuum cleaners and the Pixar film do not have immediate links that come to mind, this is a creative way of using entertainment and emotional equity that the Toy Story trilogy has accrued to LG’s advantage.

Since we can assume that the target market for the Kompressor Elite includes home-makers, fathers and mothers, the visual suggestion of toys brings to mind children and keeping the house clean and tidy for their sakes. The epic music and dramatic scenes lend a sense of intensity that appeal to both male and female audiences.

To top it off, the well-executed ominous 3D dust sharks, Barbie and Ken’s humorously unromantic relationship and the happy ending round this out as an ad deserving of a closer look.

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One Response to Making Vacuuming an Adventure!

  1. jacquetw says:

    Such an adorable & creative commercial! Not only did they use toy story as reference, but the way they positioned the toys referred to other classics as well.

    For example, the shark fins roaming around along with suspenseful music reminded me of Jaws, and when the two dolls at (0:53) was clearly a reference to the infamous scene in Titanic, when Leonardo Dicaprio gives Kate Winslet the board to float on while he freezes to death.

    Well done LG.