Mc Donald’s Launches Apparel Line “The McDelivery Collection”

In celebration of Global Delivery Day on July 26, Mc Donald’s launched a new apparel and goods line called the “McDelivery Collection”. The limited edition collection, which was available via the UberEATS app in select countries – includes long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, slide slippers, pillows and more.Oh, and did we mention that its also free?

“At McDonald’s, we continue to raise the bar for our customers—with new recipes, a fresher look, and now new levels of convenience through McDelivery with UberEATS,” McDonald’s spokesperson Lauren Altmin tells AdFreak.

“To celebrate, we created the McDelivery Collection, a fun line of items designed to help people savor the delivery experience, whether they’re craving a Big Mac snuggled up on their couch or sharing some fries with friends in the park.”

Although this promotion only lasted one day, Mc Donald’s received a good amount of publicity with the help of celebrity endorsements on social media.

Want a Burger? Eat a Burger! 🍔 thx @mcdonalds #mcdelivery

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Mc Donald’s might not be the healthiest, but it’s trying to be the trendiest, are you feeling it?


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7 Responses to Mc Donald’s Launches Apparel Line “The McDelivery Collection”

  1. Lia says:

    Hi KeAnna
    Thanks for your post! I haven’t read about this campaign, but in response to your question, I don’t know what I’m feeling — probably a mix of humor, queasiness (a Big Mac pillow!?) and respect that McDonald’s pulled it off! Food-inspired merchandise (donuts, bananas, etc.) has been very popular lately with kids and young adults, so they tapped into an interesting trend. However, the tagline on their apparel “World Famous” is really smart – tying their well-known brand to a social media goal of so many people today! I appreciate your sharing – great job!

  2. Jim Tanner says:

    Hey KeAnna!

    That was a great post and very interesting. I think that was a great use of a limited edition promotion to drive the conversation about the addition of delivery via UBEReats. The clothing produced is nothing fancy (basically not much better quality than was can be produced at Cafe Press or some other such site), and by making it a one-day thing they didn’t have to invest that much money in the clothing or a delivery chain.

    It just served to get people talking about a freaky Big Mac pillow (!!) and create consumer engagement. I think it was a pretty smart, low-risk move.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Jim Tanner

  3. Araz says:

    Hello KeAnna,

    Fun post! I heard about this story because Chrissy Teigen was endorsing this launch. I also saw via social media, celebrities posting burger onesie’s and it seemed interesting. Not sure if I will actually use the service, but the burger inspired apparel line definitely caught my attention. Thank you for sharing!

    Araz Kuvakian

  4. Brett Bezad says:

    Hi KeAnna.

    I really enjoyed this post and I’m glad you brought it to my attention. I always wondered why McDonald’s never really capitalized on their pop culture image. McDonald’s is not just a fast food restaurant but a symbol of American culture as well. These products are really unexpected, yet fun enough to buy because it does not take itself too seriously.

    Going one step further, I definitely think that McDonalds could sell more merchandise. Nintendo experienced a tremendous success reselling new, but vintage, gaming systems and video games. While its a different industry, I think McDonald’s could also profit of merchandise in this way. Maybe they could bring back old happy meal toys, or sell a line of vintage goods? It seems that people love a “throwback” and if McDonald’s moves into the area of selling merchandise, this could be a logical next step for them.

    Great “food” for thought!



  5. Diane says:

    I want that McNugget Dunker! I wonder why they only did the campaign for a day? This seems like something that could be licensed and sold in Spencers or Hot Topic.

  6. Paula Manuel says:

    When I read this post I literally laughed out loud! I cannot imagine a world where I would wear McDonald’s apparel or purchase a McNugget Dunker . I would, however, happily give the items away in a white elephant gift exchange or as a gag gift. Great read!

  7. Kimberly says:

    Wow, this flew right over my head – I had no idea they made these few bits of clothing but I can’t say I would have been on board. It doesn’t appeal to me to wear a cheeseburger… and represent the McDonalds brand further in any way. I don’t think I’d wear it if they were giving it away… I’d like to know what kind of consumers actually bought these… perhaps it was an ill-fated experiment? lol